Rehome my dog 11 year old AKC Siberian husky

I am looking to rehome my 11 year old AKC Siberian husky. I have had him since he was a puppy. I now have two children and had an incident recently involving my two year old getting in his food bowl.


He has never shown signs of aggression other than protective over me or his home. He is a sweet dog and this is a very hard decision for me. I want to make sure he finds a really good home before I agree to let him go. He is family to me. Please contact me if any interest. Located in Nicholasville Ky.

A lot of opinions and I do appreciate the responses. Please message me with any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I am thick-skinned. it’s easy to judge not walking in my shoes.

I had just got home and was dealing with phone calls for work, HVAC tech knocking on my front door. My 9-week old baby was crying for food. I feed the dogs in the garage away from my children. I was running around trying to handle all this. My 2yo and I were playing with Nanuk (husky) and I got distracted with everything going on. I was trying to heat up a bottle for my 9 weeks old. My 2yo recently figured out how to open doors. She wondered into the garage without me seeing and was only out of my direct focus for Maybe 10 seconds tops.

Wolly coated Siberian husky dog puppies

Then I heard her scream. I ran out and she was laying next to his food bowl crying. The dog appears to have punched her with his snout. It involved stitches. I believe he was just trying to warn her but he broke the skin. It doesn’t appear to me that he bit down (if he wanted to he could have caused massive trauma). Immediately after the incident, my daughter kept asking for “dog dog”. We have not let Nanuk be near her since. I know this was my fault and it was preventable. I know it was him being protective over food. He is a dog.

I have a huge sense of guilt and have had a very hard time with this. My wife is not open-minded to anything other than relocating. I don’t blame her one bit. These are our children. There is no way that with the hectic lives we live that I can be everywhere at once. This happened very quickly. Nanuk even picks up food sometimes and carries it around and lays it on the ground far from his food bowl. He has found small dead animals/bones/deer antlers on our land and brought them home. He is protective of his finds. I have no way of monitoring all this. Especially as my children get older and we play outside. At this moment I feel the options are slim.

Make no mistake I love this dog. He is a family. At one point in life, he was the only thing I had. This is incredibly difficult. I bought the house I did because it has 5 acres for him to run. I put in an electric fence around the entire property for him myself. I feed him the best food. I cook steaks for him. I’ve spent ridiculous money on vet bills. I’m not throwing him away. I don’t want to hurt him. I want to find him a loving home with possibly other dogs. I am going to vet anyone interested in him and make no rash decisions. I pray this is harder on me than him.

Anyone with experience or constructive advice please message me. I would love to exhaust every option but I also have a wife with a choice about her children’s environment. I don’t know if any training can guarantee this will never happen again. I refuse to cage him. I refuse to muzzle him.