Ptv old dramas most popular all times

the internet has all the oldest Ptv dramas that aired in the seventies and eighties. Here are some of the best plays that aired in this era on PTV.


Most popular old PTV drama


whose story revolves around two sisters whose parents die in an accident, and they leave for their grandmother. Then from there, their lives are changed in a beautiful way, it is beautifully illustrated. The drama has lightweight romance, live acting, emotional scenes and excellent lesson dialogues.


This is the story of a stubborn old manor who loses all his lovers in one act because of his pride and stubbornness. The hero was no less.

Andhra Ajala

It shows the premises of a police station. Each episode was a complete episode highlighting some of the social issues. The good and bad character of the police are also exposed and the evil of society is shown.

Dhoop Kinare

It was also Marina Khan's famous drama that highlighted the private life of doctors. The protagonist of the hero played a very cool and brilliant role in it. After watching this drama many people in Pakistan started dreaming of becoming a doctor.

Likewise, Fifty Fifty and many other plays were aired during this period, each of which had a different theme than the other. Scripts, dialogs, directing and acting. ۔ ۔ Everything was fantastic. All this while there was only one channel that aired from five o'clock in the evening to twelve o'clock in the evening. Only eight to nine o'clock was allocated for the play, there was no social media or the Internet. Nevertheless, new content was created and was not in the process of creation.

Today we have more than fifty channels, access to information from around the world regarding entertainment, yet each of our plays has the same theme:
Love for young boy-girl,
The annoyance of the family,
And family conspiracies.
The story of each play revolves around these three themes.

What is the reason that we have run out of new topics? Why don't we have themes that make our plays the best in the world? Do we have writers down or our quality is down?

Similarly, if you look at Urdu literature, perhaps the last good poet is in the form of an Arif pride. After that, whatever came, came to waste. ۔ ۔

Sometimes we used to have Ibn Safi's novels, sad genres, novels like Alipore's Eli, Raja Gadh. ۔ ۔ No novel has been published of this quality in the last twenty years. Why?

Ever had information programs such as the test on our TV, Alf Laila and Aynak like the ones that aired children's programs, why not have such programs on our TV channels today? Have we lost our tastes or lost our interest?

If you consider that we as a nation and society are suffering, the journey to Tanjali is continuous and we do not know how much more is still left. ۔ ۔ Talent is disappearing in every field, from cricket to literature, from science to religion, good talent is disappearing. ۔ ۔

Given the current attitude, a child can say that our society will not be able to maintain its position for long. There is only one end to the history of declining societies, and that is the restructuring of these societies.

It is premature to say whether Pakistan is made to last forever or not, but our present society will continue to be destroyed as it has collapsed at that time. ۔ ۔ When a society starts to travel downward, then it doesn't have much time, a few years or a few decades at most. ۔ ۔

If the current trend continues, within the next twenty to thirty years, there may be many changes in the social structure of the region. ۔ ۔ It is difficult to say in what form these changes will take place, but one thing is certain that the first victims of these changes will be religion. ۔ ۔ Just as we have done hypocrisy in the name of religion, the collective reaction of people will come first against religion.