Muscovy duck Facts and information

Muscovy duck also called Berberi duck and in Seraiki, he is called Mangh. Highly acclaimed and peace-loving, the bird offers the most exquisite and delicious meat and delicious eggs.


Its homeland is the United States, but it is now found in most countries around the world. It eats mosquito larvae with great affection. It happily bathes in the water but likes to spend more time on dirt. Specializes in flying and can fly several kilometers in a single flight.
The female lays eggs four times a year and can lay about twelve to fifteen eggs in each pore. Immediately after laying eggs, the substance settles hard and after thirty-five days the babies leave.
We have several couples in our house and are sharing pictures of their children with you.

There are only 2 types of a Muscovy duck

the color of which is white and black - or absolutely black - or it may be white or slightly different ...

America is the bread. But it is available in many countries.
Raised for meat and eggs -
Lays 50 to 60 eggs.
It weighs up to 6kg

1500 to 2000 pairs are available.

They become young in 5 months - start breeding at 6 months of age ...

They range in age from 10 to 12 years ...

This duck is our companion and eats everything. For example, fish curry bread vegetables, grass bugs, saline rice and homemade baby things. Etc etc ... means whatever is left in your house put them away they will say ...
muscovy duck female
Anyone who wants to buy a Maskawi black collar duck pair of 1500 will comment on the name of their city and their demand - as many couples as possible.

Brother G 1500 will have a young couple. General Chat Chat Lounge Cargo money will be different ... From Dera Ghazi Khan to Lahore, the freight charge takes about 500 - the rest of the distance is less - the rent also seems to be less than that.
Either you will pay the cargo for the bus driver when the bird reaches you - or I will pay it myself in advance ...

Depends on the cargo bus - if he asks for it on the spot then I will have to pay - and if you are willing to take it, you will give yourself time to pick up the goods ... ۔
white muscovy duck
The rest when you say yes, I'll talk to the bus person first and you. I will also inform you ...

Now you talk - I tell you. I'll give you a number - before the deposit you send me the money - I'll write down your name - and the goods will reach you on Saturday or Saturday.

Eggs productions

If given good food, they average 30 eggs in a clutch. While my big fish had laid 46 eggs in the first clutch. I hope her record breaks the second egg, which now has 42 eggs.It lays 120+ eggs annually My female has given 94 eggs in 8 months Hopefully in 12 months will grow 150 eggsTheir The egg yolk is finer than the egg yolks in the egg.