Canine herpesvirus kills 5 female and 3 male dog

We had a litter on Sunday. 5 female and 3 male dog .Monday night one little female died. Two little males got close to death but came back by Tuesday.


We thought that maybe despite nursing round the clock that momma wasn't making enough milk because all the puppies had lost weight. So we started supplementing with goats milk, Leerburg formula, and liver water.  Tuesday night another little girl died. Wednesday we went to the vet. On the way, another girl died and at the vet, they had to put a boy to sleep because he was gasping and dying.

The vet told us what we had already figured out. That the litter was passing away most likely due to canine herpes virus or fading puppy syndrome. We had 4 left and they sent us home with antibiotics and probiotics and a tube feeding kit (puppies had diarrhea due to goats milk)  Within a couple of hours, 3 more puppies passed away. We now have one tiny girl left. We didn't think she would make it through the night. So we did what we could to make her comfortable.

  We let her be with her momma and we have a heater going to keep the room a toasty 86 degrees, and a makeshift incubator with a heating pad for when she isn't with her momma. We thought it would help her and her mom to be together And she lived through the night. We gave her some antibiotics and let her nurse all night. She is greedy and happy to have the milk bar all to herself.  So now we are wary We are cheering baby girl on We are not tube feeding because momma has milk and is the cleaning and loving on her remaining baby. We will start weighing her daily to see if she starts gaining weight and go from there My question. 

Canine herpesvirus

Has anyone ever had a puppy survivor of the canine herpes virus? I want to be hopeful,  but after the heartbreak of the last few days, I am scared.  Another question is should I continue to give her a nursing supplement? I was giving her oxymomma which has fenugreek in it to make sure she produced enough milk. Now she has one puppy who may or may not make it. Idk whether to continue to give her the supplement  Also as a side note, I am no longer going to be breeding after this. If little girl survives she is staying.

We have 4 dogs and she will be #5. But that's ok. I had 2 mommas and 1 male and our male is getting fixed Tuesday. Our first momma wasn't that great of a mom but we helped her hand raise 10 puppies and found homes for all but the one girl we kept. That one girl is our momma now and has her one baby left.