The four idols essay

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Sir Francis Bacon wrote about the theory of four idols that are in relation to human mind and flaws. Nobody is perfect and everybody has his/her own flaws in relation to the four idols; the idol of tribe, idols of the cave, idols of theatre and idols of the market place. These idols expound on misconceptions that the human mind has about reality.

Sir Francis Bacon brings out strong points to justify his theory and how each of flaws of human mind relates forward to the current world. Bacon states that human divergences in understanding originate from these four idols whereby an individual who clearly understands these idols is bound to avoid them. For instance the first idol, the idol of tribe describes the human nature and the resultant flows.

Understanding of this idol can be explained that once an opinion is made depending on few factors, then generalization kicks in, where other factors against the opinion are abandoned and the already formed opinion is put into use all the time.