DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV offers so many different packages. For instance, you can watch the latest movies by subscribing to DIRECTV Cinema. This is a special feature that enlists all the movies in the company’s database, and with a click of a button, you can access any of them.


In regards to new movies, you do not have to wait for the premiers to show in theaters for you to access them. They are enlisted as soon as they get into the market. Additionally, you can record any of the movies in 1080p using majestic picture and sound. It is also done in Blu-ray format that is easy to stream once you decide to watch the movie.

Other select packages include DIRECTV Select that covers up to 145 channels, DIRECTV Entertainment package that features up to 150 channels, DIRECTV Choice that provides 175 channels including national sports networks, DIRECTV Xtra package that has 220 channels, DIRECTV Ultimate that comes with 240 channels and DIRECTV Premier that has more than 315 channels. All these channels are balanced to provide sports, news, entertainment and premium networks.

DIRECTV is smart enough to give its clients an NFL ticket every Sunday, which means once you become one of the clients, you don’t have to watch the game at home. Instead, you can go enjoy the game in the sports arena free of charge. This is besides the fact that DIRECTV still features the same games in its select packages.

There are several locations that DIRECTV is available. This include Wyoming, Vermont, West Virginia, Washington, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, California and Alabama. DIRECTV also provides the ability to connect up to eight devices wirelessly with the aim of watching any of the movies or TV shows anywhere you go as long as you are logged in.

DIRECTV has proven to be among the best satellite TV providers in the country because it not only provides quality and quantity, but is considers customer satisfaction its first priority. In addition, it gives it clients the privilege of customizing their select package by choosing some of the channels they would like to be part of their select package.

The company has also developed the DIRECTV Genie, a mobile application that allows users to record favorite TV shows when they cannot physically access the TV. The application is usable with all mobile phones, tablets, and it is compatible with Mac and Windows too.