Bird Watching Is It A Song Or A Call?

Bird watching has become one of the fastest-growing pastimes in North America today. An estimated 60 million people go out into nature to watch each year. For most people, it is a chance to leave the daily grind behind and commune with nature.


More and more families are taking part, because it allows them to spend time with their children and help them learn about nature. Some people enjoy it because it provides an opportunity to meet other like-minded people, as well as being a relaxing and inexpensive hobby. There are an estimated 800 species of birds in North America providing ample experiences for bird watchers.

New bird watchers will need to acquire some of the basic tools. They will need a field guide that illustrates the bird and gives details about each particular species. Most app stores carry field guides as well as bird song apps. These can be beneficial for learning the birds in your backyard. The best way to learn is to look a species up when you see it. Wild birds can be hard to spot out in the forest and may create a stressful experience.

If you begin in your own backyard you will find the experience more enjoyable until you become familiar with this species in your area. Another helpful tip is to create a bird sanctuary in your backyard. A bird feeder that is regularly kept filled, will attract various Birds to your home and keep them coming back. A few well-placed bird houses and bird baths will also encourage them to nest and visit your yard giving you a perfect chance to study their songs.
Learning a bird song is a good way to identify them and assist in the spotting process. The best way to learn their song is to listen. If there is a cacophony of birds in your backyard the best way is to start small and pick out one song to focus on. Begin with the songs you already know this will make the task seemed less daunting. One key to learning the bird song is to remember it. Using word association helps in this process. One must also learn the difference between songs and calls.

A budding bird watcher will also need a good pair of binoculars. They do not need to be the most expensive, however you do want to make sure they are of a good quality so everything is not fuzzy. Three important things you want your binoculars to have our semi colon a warranty, waterproof housing, and lightweight. When you are spending hours in the woods you do not want a lot of weight pulling down on your neck. This will make your experience less enjoyable.

One of the biggest rules to birdwatching is to be respectful of the birds in their habitat. The next cardinal rule is to always be prepared. Prepare a bird watching backpack that contains your binoculars, camera, field guide, notebook and pen. Pack bottles of water as well as snacks if you’re planning on spending hours out in nature, as well as rain gear in case of weather changes. This way you are always prepared and shirts not forget anything.