Tips for Preparing Your Garden for the Birds Friendly

Once spring rolls around, you probably put a lot of emphasis on the gardens and plants around your property. You might also be looking to prepare the garden for the butterflies and birds.


By encouraging birds to visit your garden, you are making it more appealing and attractive for you. Not only that, but you are providing a safe haven for those birds that are coming back to your area after a long winter away. There are many things that go into successful birding, so make sure to consider these helpful tips if you want to be able to get those birds to your garden throughout the warmer spring and summer months.

One of the best ways to attract birds to your landscape is by adding a bird bath. Bird baths are great because of the fact that the birds will be able to easily drink water and bathe themselves. You might also find that a good bird bath attracts other creatures as well, like butterflies and bumble bees. In general, a bird bath provides the birds and other creatures with available water that they can either use to bathe themselves or drink if they are thirsty.

You might also be interested in adding a bird house to your property so that the birds have a great place to live and nest. There are tons of different bird houses out there, from ones that offer one hole for one specific nest to others that have multiple nests and holes available. It is up to you which one you would like to add to the garden. You might choose one that is homemade or one that you have purchased from a local garden supply store. You are the one in charge when it comes to birding and knowing what is best for your own garden.

You will also want to add a variety of feeders and seed mixtures to the garden because this guarantees that you will be attracting a range of birds that are in the area. If you only offer one type of seed, this might deter certain birds from visiting and you might find that you do not have the garden escape that you would like. Be sure to look at the different birds native to your area and get a feel for the specific types of seed that they will like. By offering a variety of feeders, you will find that this helps to bring in more and more birds.

There are so many things that go into successful gardening, but attracting the birds is definitely a way to make your landscape a whole lot more beautiful. Be sure to look at some of the different baths, feeders and bird houses available and consider adding these to the space. By having a space in your garden or landscape dedicated to birds specifically, this will help you to feel confident in what you are doing. Lots of gardeners realize how important birds are to their outdoor escapes, so be sure to consider this for yourself as well if you would like to transform your garden and make it more attractive to the birds.