Rescue of Chinese Crested Italian Greyhound dog

We are not exactly sure what his age is, Chinese Crested Italian Greyhound dog as he was a rescue, but he is around 7 years old. He has been with my family for 5 years. Unfortunately with his age,


he is starting to get grumpy with my other two dogs and my two small children. We believe he would be better off in a home where he is the only pet. He is so sweet and such a good boy. All he wants to do is sit and cuddle all day long and that is getting h.ard to do with two small boys running around and wreaking havoc.

It does break our hearts to have to even think about giving him up, but he really would be much happier with someone who could give him the attention and love he deserves. If you’re looking for a lap dog or best fur friend, Artie is your dog. We have taken him to get groomed in the past because he does get shaggy but you wouldn’t have to keep up with it if you didn’t want to!

Chinese Crested Italian Greyhound dog

A good brush is all he needs. He is quite handsome with a good shave though! He is up to date on vaccines and I will gladly get him a dental appointment before he goes to his new home so that is up to date as well. We just want him happy and if we can’t give him what he needs, we want to find him the best person for the job. When he came into our family,

we did have some issues with marking his territory so I would assume he is capable of doing it again but after he got used to us and was familiar, he got better! We want him in a home where he is loved and will not be hit if he does have an accident.

I have 3 wraps that I will also include that might help with the transition if he does mark! He is also crate trained and loves it! We put him in there when we leave the house and have never had issues with it. We are located in North Dakota and are willing to travel to meet halfway or bring him all the way if necessary and we think it’s the right home for him! Thank you!