Loans up to Rs 7 lakh and 25% subsidy for dairy farming in india

While India is famous worldwide for farming, on the other hand, animal husbandry has also been an integral part of it. As much as agriculture has always been important for the farmers of the country,


equally, important animal husbandry has also been there. If we talk about animal husbandry business in India at present, then the livestock census is 4.6 percent higher than in 2012. This shows that there is still a craze in animal husbandry in India and they are earning good profit from animal husbandry business. Animal husbandry is a profitable business for farmers. Animal husbandry is considered to be an occupation for farmers in which the chances of loss are extremely low.

Today, many new scientific methods have been developed in animal husbandry, which is proving very beneficial for the farmers. In view of this, the Central Government has operated the Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme. Under this scheme, the Livestock Department will provide a loan of 7 lakh to 10 buffalo dairy. There is also a provision of subsidy for every category. Action plan has been made for everyone to get the benefit of the scheme.

It is worth mentioning that the Kamadhenu and Mini Kamadhenu schemes were operated earlier, for which the buffalo rearing had to pay a hefty amount from himself. If the land was also mortgaged, there were all the conditions, which every human could not easily fulfill. When this scheme started, the plans for small dairy ended. About a year ago, these big projects also stopped. Now the Central Government has started the Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme to provide employment to the people in the villages as well as to increase milk production. The subsidy will also be given within two days as soon as the file is approved by the government. 25 percent subsidy will be given for the general category and 33 percent for women and SC category. This subsidy will remain in the account of the concerned dairy operator.

Talk to this number for better information. Animal Husbandry Department 18001801551