Complete information about setting up bio gas plant

Lack of fertilizer and fuel is facing many difficulties for farmers. Apart from cow dung and wood, no other material is more available to the farmers. here is the best solution bio gas plant.


introduction of biogas plant

In such a situation, if the farmer uses cattle manure as a fertilizer, then the fertilizer power of the soil starts to decrease considerably, due to which balanced nutrients are not provided, then the use of chemical fertilizers, then the environment is contaminated. The cost is also high in their use. All these problems of farmers can be solved by double the use of cattle manure.

Let us tell you that there is a lot of energy in cattle manure, which can be extracted by fermentation in the cattle manure plant. This will provide a huge amount of energy, which is used to run fuel, light and low horsepower diesel engines. Apart from this, the manure released from the Biogas plant is also used as fertilizer. This will save both the fuel and fertilizer of the farmers, so read the complete information of the cattle manure bio plant.

Biogas plant working at my farm from last two years. Saving 10 litres diesel daily using 70% gas30% diesel on eight hours daily basis. It's slurry also saves 50% fertilizer of 15 acre.

Important things for setting up a biogas plant

For this, there should always be at least two or three animals.

Considering the quantity of cattle manure daily, make the size of the plant.

There should be no leakage from its roof.

This plant should be built under the supervision of a trained person.

biogass plant walls

What is the biogas plant

It can be made from biogas fossil fuels or dead biomass. By the way, the biogas plant is more preferred. These low carbon amounts are considered healthy for the environment. Biogas plants can be prepared in many designs. They are run with water and cattle manure solution. In its design, the plant can also be run with fresh cattle manure. In this plant, the RCP pipe of manure is made one foot wide and 4 feet high. The inside of it is made without leakage, then the pipe to remove the cattle manure is kept wide, by which the cattle manure comes out from the pressure of the gas. In place of gas extraction, you can also connect it to the kitchen stove with a plastic pipe. Not only this, the manure in this plant dries quickly, which does not require a pit to be collected.

biogass plant roof

Material for Biogas Gas Plant




The sand


Black paint

Gas pipe and burner

biogass plant now ready

How biogas or gobar gas plant work

After building a cattle manure gas plant, fill it with manure and water solution. When the plant runs, about 10 to 10 percent of the cattle manure is put together. Closed the gas exhaust pipe and left it for about 10 to 15 days. When the manure starts coming out, then start adding fresh manure according to the size of the plant. Note that only use gas as needed.


Biogas plants should be leakage free.

Gas pipes and other equipment must be checked.

The manure pipe and exit pipe should be covered.