Who can get early loan for rising animals in India

The one who completes the veterinary papers should be given a loan immediately Agriculture Minister.Farmer News, which completes the livestock papers, should be given a loan immediately


Farmer News, which completes the livestock papers, it should be given a loan immediately: Agriculture Minister .

Under the animal credit card scheme, the loan farmer cannot depend on farming to increase his income because many times his crop is ruined due to natural calamity, the crops are not getting the right price, etc. For many reasons, the benefits of the farmers are also far away. I cannot get out. In such a situation, there are very few ways available with the farmers so that they can increase their income. One of them is farming with animal husbandry.

Farmers who have land and do not have their own land want to make animal husbandry their employment but they do not have the capital for it. For capital, farmers have to depend on bank loans, which they do not get easily. To enable farmers and livestock farmers to get loans for animal husbandry easily, the government has also added animal husbandry and fisheries in the Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

Now farmers and livestock farmers can easily take loans from the bank just like the crop loan on the farmers' credit card Are After taking this forward, the Haryana Government has started the Animal Credit Card Scheme for cattle owners.

What is the latest case? The latest case is from Haryana. The Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Mr. Jai Prakash Dalal was addressing the problems of farmers in the meeting where on the complaint of an animal foster, the Agriculture Minister instructed the LDM that if the animal If the foster completes the papers then it should be loaned immediately. Directing the officers, agriculture said that it is our first duty to listen to the voice of the public. The officer should take all the complaints received seriously and resolve them immediately.

He was speaking at the meeting of the District Public Relations and Troubleshooting Committee in the local panchayat building. In this meeting, 13 already scheduled cases were put up for hearing, most of which were resolved on the spot.

Livestock Farmer Credit Card Scheme Haryana's Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Shri Jai Prakash Dalal said that the government has run important schemes like an animal credit card which will bring qualitative improvement in the rural economy. Therefore, not all banks should keep pending cases of loans under the schemes of the government and will be written to take action against bank officials who did not intentionally give loans.

What is Livestock Credit Card Scheme: Livestock Farmer Credit Card Scheme has been implemented by the Haryana Government, under this, a person from Haryana who has a cow can avail a loan of Rs 40,783. Animal Farmers Credit Card For a loan of 40,783 rupees for a cow, the loan will be given to the cattleman in 6 equal monthly installments i.e. 6,797 every month based on the financial scale from the bank. The benefit of animal credit will be given on the basis of the financial scale of the animal.

Like Cow 40,783 a year
Buffalo 60,249 a year
Sheep 4,063 a year
Pigs 16,337 a year |

If for some reason he is unable to get this credit in a month, he can take the credit of the previous month for the next month also. In this way, in 6 months, the total amount of Rs 40,783 will now be returned with a 4% annual interest within a gap of 1 year. He will have to return this amount within one year with a 4% annual interest. The time interval for the cardholder to return the amount for 1 year will start from the same day he receives the first installment.