How to protect pet birds from cats

I want to draw the attention of all the curious birds lover to one of the most important topics that is most important nowadays. You guys have seen a lot of posts on social media about how to save a bird from a cat.


There are also some posts in which some cruel people have killed a cat because of a bird. Such posts have forced me to write, and my purpose for writing is only divine, perhaps because it will become the salvation for me. If you are fond of raising birds, you must protect them in every way.

If you cannot protect them, then surely you can shorten or eliminate the hobby, but do not oppress other animals in the guise of hunting. Please. In a photo, a man hangs a cat with a needle gas meter and hangs it up.

In another picture a pigeon cat was eaten by a pigeon, he cut the cat's neck and put it with pigeons and proudly made the picture and declared it his victory. At the bottom of a post, a commenter said, "The cat must be killed right away. Seeing and reading all this,

what is in a heart condition cannot be described in words. Remember that killing a cat is a very bad act and an unpleasant act, and our religion does not allow it. Give evidence of Ashraf al-Qa'eda and oppress the creatures and prevent others from doing so. These are the small actions on the basis of which we can be entitled to Paradise, correct our actions and have compassion so that we may be shown mercy.

Here are amazing ways to save a bird from a cat

1 Try to make a bird's room at a suitable place in the house before placing the bird. Of course, why not have a small one mounted in a strong iron frame next to it? Can keep your birds.

2 If you are unable to make a room for the birds, then at least place them in a cage whose netting is strong enough, such as china netting.

3 If the cat still does not come out and attacks from outside or scares the birds, take a number of bottles. Set the water spraying spray on the living range and spray the simple water on the cat as soon as it gets home. Doing this twice won't do it again.

4 One way and also is to keep the chinchillas in the cracker house when they land in the house a little farther away from it. Cats are often afraid of their sound and will not come back to this house.

5 If a cat is too fat, even though everything does not come up, make or buy a cat catcher from the market. It can easily be caught by a cat and it can be left immediately but this idea. If there are no kittens, they will die of starvation

6 One task and this can be done by putting milk daily for the cat inside a pot in the house away from the birds or by eating something else so it will not attract your birds. It can also save the cat from good behavior.