So thankful for people who love their dog like family because they are family!

The friend who adapted a few dogs through the years said to her dog's hands in this house are for petting never will you be hit .we love our fur babies .the only thing we owners will be guilty of is spoiling too much.


Everyone who has followed our story the last few days knows that Kyto has been abused 3 times by several owners (heavily abused) and neglected, he also lived outside, in all weather, in a very small bench in which he spent more than 8 hours a day locked up! (I think it's terrible).

These owners also brought him back three times to the shelter, each time at a different location for different reasons. Now we have Kyto with us for 3 weeks and we are still very happy with that to... date. When we wanted to adopt him, Kyto was not yet available for adoption as investigations had to be made because the caregivers thought he would have a hip problem, Kyto could not stand well and long, moved away and could not run so we had to wait until there more clarity and they would contact us what the result was and they did Kyto had hip dysplasia.

If we had to adopt him, we would take long walks (we are active athletes and walkers), take us on vacation, forget everything and just see Kyto as a dog in the house. After visiting Kyoto again at the shelter, for the 5th time in the meantime, he really stole our heart from the first time, he was really pathetic in his cage. This time it was different and Kyto was allowed to come to us in the meadow of the shelter, my heart broke, I could not hold back my tears. He walked over to my friend, Dimitri, looked him in the eye, licked him and sat down, then he walked over to me and did the same thing, we knew it: Kyto wanted us as owners and our story began there.

The first days we did short walks with him, max. 10 to 15 minutes but we soon noticed that Kyto started crying in the evening because he couldn't stand the pain in his hips anymore. To make a long story short, this took a few days, we helped him, I had made an appointment with the vet about this hip dysplasia, but it turned out.

the day Kyto had to go to the vet there was nothing to be found of his pains and to date, there is nothing wrong! Kyoto has never walked in his life, always been locked up and abused, I am disgusted! He is so happy now, gets good food, lives inside and gets a lot of love! Follow our stories and daily activities on his Instagram @alaskanmalamut_kyto and we will follow all our friends back.

share our story and follow us because I can do nothing on my own to stop all those stupid people that treat their animals like shit Sorry for the long story but I want people to stop treating their animals like dirt, they also have a heart and a right to a good life, they don't choose to come and live with you! think before you take an animal into your home.