What happen if the snakes disappear from the world?

First of all, the effect is that the number of things that snakes prey on will increase dramatically, such as frogs mice lizards insects, etc.


The rat's gestation period is about 19–21 days, and she gives birth to babies (on average 6 to 8). A rat gives birth 7 to 10 times each year, so the population of mice grows very rapidly. Even at least guess one rat had 42 babies a year and more than 80 babies a year. That is, the born-again rat starts to give birth to the baby just a month and a half after birth.

a men kill hundred of snakes

Now guess how many of the 42 born babies will be born to the family and how many more babies will they give birth in a month and a half?
Let's do a simple calculation. Suppose there are only 15 mice (42) of 42 births and the remaining 27 miles. Will 15x42 = 630 630 babies only after a month and a half and if half of those 630s are believed to have born a family?
This means that after the next 6 weeks 315 family mice are ready to give birth, ie 315x42 = 13230 babies are born again.
Now think of them selves, thousands are born in a year. If these rats are no longer snakes, they will become millions and then millions within a few years, and then humans will have to take their rights.
If a rat enters a house, it harms the millions, where there are millions, the damage will be even greater and the disease will spread even more. Let me tell you one thing, as many people in the history of the world have died of the plague. Destroy the settlements of the dead for no other reason This disease and this disease spread by rats,

Likewise, if the insects are high, they destroy the crops that will make it impossible to meet their nutritional needs and will not even be able to find food to eat. Mostly bugs Eggs, from dozens to hundreds, will also be born in millions if they are not cleaned properly. Humans will use new chemicals to kill them, and so on. Which is detrimental to a person's health. Chemicals of vegetable crops are contaminated and harmful.

Now come to the frogs if there are no snakes and do not eat them, they will become too much and all the streams, streams, drains will be contaminated because they absorb the toxic substances in their bodies and also exclude them. Do So it is a direct loss to the human being as well.
From these rivers, we irrigate our crops in many places.

Now come to the birds that hunt the snakes especially if they do not have snakes, then their difficulties will increase. They too will have to change their baked food chain and hunger due to no snakes. Will die of prey.God has set a time for the end of anything, and Allaah is the best governing of the system of the world. If He has to eliminate anything, He causes it.

The ecosystem has been operating right as long as it is following the principles of God, whenever man has tried to run the system by his calculations, he has suffered enormous losses.The example of China in front of everyone is how Mao Tung ordered sparrows to harm crops. They hit the sparrows in China, but then came to an end.

The insects that were eaten by the crops became in the hundreds of millions, and the crops of the insects were looted because they were not eating birds, they were killed by their own hands. And millions of people later died of famine. Therefore, I say that God created everything under specific wisdom. The system should be governed accordingly.

I hope everyone understands what will happen if there is no snake or what will happen in the world.
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