interesting fact of African Buffalo cape buffalo

African Buffalo African Buffalo cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) The name of the buffalo comes to our mind when we think of river buffalo breeding in homes.


african buffalo cap buffalo in herd 800km North East of us I believe. Not legal with the bow in Namibia either unfortunately.

But African buffalo (African or Cape Buffalo) is not from our breed of buffalo, but it is found in the open plains and dense forests on dry land. Wild buffaloes are most commonly found in African countries.

one male and other female african buffalo

It is estimated that in 2000 the number was 900,000 in Africa, but in 2019 research it is revealed that their numbers have dropped to 550000. Villagers are reluctant to meet the needs of settlements and buffaloes in different areas. Wild buffalo are famous for their horns The male buffalo horns are fully mature at 7 years of age and are up to 40 cm in length, while the horns are slightly smaller in substance.

2 African water buffalo resting in shadow

The maximum recorded weight of a full young buffalo is 980kg, while the female weighs 600kg. In general, the male buffalo weighs 750 kg and the female weighs 530 kg. The male has a bone made of a strong bone between the head with strong horns called the (Boss). It is so strong that even the ax or hammer does not affect it. When an opponent attacks with all its might. Buffaloes remain in the form of flags, and the keeper of this flag is the strongest male,

african buffalo animals

whose rank is considered at the top, while the rest of the young are confined to a certain distance from the male flag. When a female is ready to be matched, the male is matched with it. Buffalo breeding season is rainy, while buffaloes are producing more and more babies at the same time. This is a fascinating view of nature so that at least babies are carnivores.

african buffalo bull

The male buffalo is often fatigued with mating and goes some distance from the lake, after which the young males have a chance to try their luck. The gestation period is 11 months and the unborn baby is kept in the middle of the womb to keep away from predators. Another chaos of nature in the wild buffalo is that God has the ability to stop the birth if he starts to have a baby and he fears for some time until the conditions are favorable. Go.

african buffalo Zambezi Valley at the end of the rains just before the season opened . Which one  would you take Font one or the back one 1 or 2

Wild are very notorious for attacking humans, and they are considered deadly in Africa by river horses and fish, but research says this is negative. The wild buffalo has been included in the big five, namely Africa's 5 most dangerous animals and given this status after attacking humans and crushing them. Also called buffalo (black death), this animal is very angry and it is special to attack at any moment for no reason at all. The natural enemies of the wild buffalo are lions that eat them, but controlling a young male is not an easy task.

African buffaloes in group feeding in wildlife

For this, a whole group of lions attacks together and often the male lion also joins in the hunt. The lion is a very slow hunter. In addition, the large but Nile crocodile also attacks calves and females while drinking water. In addition, lambs and wild dogs also prey on young children and pregnant females, and wild dogs and larvae have rarely been seen breeding young buffalo.

African buffalo bull crossing the river

In Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, hunting is legally illegal, so hunters have to get a license from the government there. And it is ensured that hunting for a single animal can be done on a license, for which hunters have to pay $ 10,000 per animal. This game is called (trophy hunting) and it only kills the male, which is separated from the flag. Remember, to kill a national animal of Pakistan, you have to get a license and you have to pay Rs 1 crore to kill one animal.

African Cape Buffalo Crossing the road in line

Wild buffaloes are different from domestic buffaloes, and to date, they have never been successful in breeding cattle. The smell of wild buffaloes is very strong and these predators detect their presence through the aroma of the animals, while the lions often chase the windward buffalo in the opposite direction so that the aroma of the buffalo does not reach them.

Early morning african buffalo feeding grass in forest

Give In addition, buffalo attacks on lion's children are very common, and often when a lion slaughters a buffalo, the flags unite and come to rescue the buffalo, and they often rescue the injured buffalo.