Intersting infomation about wolf dog hybrid

so you may have seen more than one dog and a pet .but you may not have seen such a wolf-dog hybrid and many friends have never heard of it. lets talks about wolf dog


For the German Shepherd, the dog and the female wolf are matched, whereas the breed produced by the male wolf and the puppy is the Wolf Dog. He has one eye like a dog and the other as a wolf.

The picture below is of a particular breed of wolf dog hybrid that is rarely found.

wolf dog hybrid keep people Pishin or Pshin is a city that is the capital of the Pishin District of Balochistan province, Pakistan. Pishin connects Quetta, the provincial capital,for security

The special thing is that he simply does not know anyone but his master. If it is attacked, it attacks other goats and cows, as well as raids other households and stray dogs. The chain in his throat must have described its power and bloodline.

First, let me tell you my opinion about his race. Photo: Pishin Balochistan 2017 Edit Addition: This dog is a cross of a sheep and an icy dog. To achieve this, both the male wolf and the female bitch are fed together with breastfeeding age. The wolf, according to its nature, does not have a pet at all and does not have a meeting with a bitch. They are both kept in the same cage since childhood, and the wolf does not give anything until she is young.

From bites to mats. The children who leave them are reared separately. These children get acquainted with childhood only when they grow up and no one knows them. In the state of Behuk, they invade humans and other animals. They are kept at home for surveillance, they even go to bed at night and close the day. In the day, their eyes do not even lookup.

This dog does not belong to the herdsman or to the Afghan nomad but is raised to protect the Afghan nomads from stealing at night in the extremely cold snowy environment of Pishin. My host who provided information is Kakar Panizai Family District Pashin Balochistan