an excellent guide on goat farming in Pakistan

Commercial goat farming in Pakistan is still in its early stages in the country. People of Pakistan are raising goats in a traditional way, which reduces profits from goat farming.


History of goat Farming

Goat farming has been the most popular profession of humankind all the time, Its historical background is that at least 9,000 years ago, the goat was the first animal in the world to be reared as a domestic animal and reared as a pet.And to this day millions of people indirectly or indirectly belong to this profession.The profession has been experiencing many physical ups and downs, but in no time, it could not be pursued despite compulsions or requirements. According to the 2001 census, there are currently more than 210 goat breeds in the world.

Guide introduction on goat farming in Pakistan

Pakistan is witnessing a shortage of open grazing land, for goat farming in Pakistan, which was once a free-of-cast grazing system, is coming to an end. As the population grows, the demand for meat is increasing day by day. In the traditional way, meat production cannot be increased. One study showed that Pakistan ranks number 19 in meat exporting countries. But in terms of a number of goats, China ranks third after India. Pakistan has a high demand for goat meat, which can play a very important role in fulfilling it. Goat farming is not a difficult task, which requires a university degree, you have to wake up at morning and read books, goat farming can be done by anyone who wants to make a decent income for himself and his family. It is true that goat farming is a rural profession. And the people living in the villages can earn a decent income for themselves from Got Production. And people in the city can earn a decent income for themselves by marketing.

Who can make a profit from goat farming?

  • Goat farming is very profitable for people who live in villages.
  • They have three to five acres of agricultural land.
  • Or they may initially get one to two acres of suitable annual rent or contract.
  • At first, you can buy ten to fifteen teddy goats
  • We can feed them up to a year and time to feed Wanda.
  • Timely deworming and vaccinations can keep the animal's place clean and dry.
  • You can do grazing or walk for two to three hours a day.
  • Two to three canals gowara or junter can be sow.
  • After six months, males can try to sell the animals at mandi at a reasonable price.

How to Start Goat Farming In Pakistan

Who wants to get into the goat farming field. And wish to become a good farmer. And if you are afraid of loss as well, then goat farming gives them the opportunity to get the best training. If a friend who wants to do goat farming at the village level and has two to three lakh rupees of capital and two to three acres of land and time and passion, then start his work with goat farming. And initially, buy ten to twenty goats that give birth twice a year. Therefore, it is very important to assess the economic situation of the area for sale before starting Got Farming. That people can even buy expensive animals

Goat farming for milk

Goat Farming for milk, or dairy farming. Milk is the purpose of most breeding goats in the world. Different types of pure breeds are used for this type of farming. And more and more milking breeds are selected. After early weaning babies goats, most male babies are sold sooner, and females are kept for replacement of mother goat.

Goat farming for meat or feedlot

Fattening farm for meat or Farming for the butcher. In this type of goat farming, most male goats of goats are selected for fattening. In which age and size, height, color are not considered much and the children are fed as long as their growth continues and they keep their weight solid (ie, in the age of slaughter of the same size). Weight is not solid) and are sold at a good price.

Goat farming for Qurbani

Farming for the Sacrifice (Qurbani) It is often chosen for the tall male offspring of the good breeds, who are better than the milk and the butcher farming goats in color and strength of the body, prepare them for the great festival Qurbani eid ul Adha of the Muslims. By selling at a better living value of the product the profit is made by a little more labor.

Goat Farming for Breeding

Goat Breed farming. It also has different purposes but the procedure is almost the same. In this farming, a good breed of pure or two specific breeds of any breed is produced and sold at a good price to this breed or refined breed. An additional part of this is that by producing a good breed and selling its products, but also by selling artificial breeding and improving the breed of goats, they earn a good profit.

Doe Saving or Female Survival Farming

The three above-mentioned types that are very popular in goat farming, but now I would like to ask you about another form of farming which I will write a detailed article about later All the participants expressed interest, otherwise I would choose another topic and that is a form of farming called do sewing. The procedure is for the weak young breed of young goats to be slaughtered. Come for sale in the market by buying them, restoring their health and re-pregnancy and maternity and matching them with good calves. Either they are taken away from the baby, or in the last days of pregnancy, when the substance looks too low and beautiful at its height, good sales are made. It is a very intelligent animal service but also a breed of them, with far less profitable farming than all other types of farming.

Selecting Area for Goat Farm

Choosing a Farm Location Selecting the right location for your farm is one of the most important parts of your goat farming business operations. Choose a place where all kinds of essential facilities are available. Fresh and clean water supply, pasture or suitable field for grazing, the market for procurement of essential commodities, easy ration vanda supply, market or mandi near your farm to sell your goats, suitable veterinary service, etc. Are the basic and necessary equipment for a successful farming business. When choosing farmland for grazing, make sure that all the facilities are available in the land or area you choose.

Selection of goat Breeds

Goats are selected with a lot of thought and they must know what area you breed in addition to where they are found cheap and you also need to know about their diseases. Make sure that you have an illness or have an infectious disease

Selection of right goat breeds plays an important role in goat farming business Teddy goats breed are usually six to seven years old. And she gives birth to an average of 14 children in her life. After six years, the goat gets old. A new young goat should be replaced. If male goats go on sale every six months and keep the females with them, then the females born in the first six months of the second six months will also become mothers, and the animals will grow on the farm. Teddy breeds are sold in the general meat market. And in the mandi, animals sell up to fifteen kilograms.

And the bargain can be sold at a reasonable price. Generally, fifteen kilograms of a goat is sold for Rs. 3,500 / per kg live. If the animal is fed well fodder, timely de-warming vaccinations, and good management, then the weight of fifteen kilograms can easily gain within four months - and within six months twenty to twenty-five kilograms. Which gives good value. Teddy breeding seems less labor-intensive less expensive. If the goats are bought and sold there is still a profit. Usually, we have thirty thousand, forty thousand goats in our minds. If there is a profit at this price, we think that if we sell a million rupee goats, then four lakhs will be made. It costs thirty to forty thousand pure breed goats that have height, color, weight. And the costs of raising them are high, it's important to remember that pure breeds are very sensitive.

If the fodder Wanda does not suit them they refuse to eat. If they are not managed well,de-warming vaccinations and severe weather conditions, they will have to pay. In contrast, the teddy goat baby are very supportive. Whatever you offer they eat. And teddy breed goats can also be raised on good fodder. The purpose of this is to say that those people who want to come in goat farming should start with teddy goats breed.

Purchasing goat

if you have two to three lakh rupees of capital and two to three acres of land and time and passion so they can start their work with gut farming. And initially, buy ten to twenty goats that give birth twice a year. Their children go on sale every six months. you can buy goat on your local market or mandi. The program to bring a goat baby than sold to the market and raise them for a few months. So this method is easier than getting and selling babies with goats.

Key Points before purchasing a goat

1-Do not be injured or harmed
2-Checks should be thorough or not swollen
3-The air is large and low hanging
4-If there is any milk, check the milk
5-Animals do not have diarrhea
6-Goats are pregnant and they will be beneficial to you
7-Goats are young
8-Choose goats that are going to have two or three babies
9-Goats are of good breed
10-Goats are healthy
11-The size of the goats is good
12-It should not have blisters or sores inside the ears of the goats, inside the mouth, and inside the mouth.

Housing or shed design

Proper Housing is very important in goat farming, just as other animals need sheds to live, so goats need shelter to protect them from heat, cold, sun and rain .in rural Pakistan, Most people keep their goats with other animals and some keep them under the open sky and trees, but when it comes to commercial gut farming, regular accommodation for goats is very important .fencing or housing construction and The following points should be kept in mind during preparation ... should choose a place that is high so that the goats can rain.

Stay safe from incineration floods ... If a small breed of goats such as teddy, taproot or barbarian goats are to be housed, the shed / covered roof is 10 to 12 square feet per goat and older breeders such as Rajanpuri, Bethel, Construction of sheds at 16 sq. Ft. Per goat for Kamori, Putri goats and keeping double open space where goats and water can be arranged for goats ... Build sheds northwards to benefit from wind and sunlight. Yes ... Keeping the goat's habitat dry and clean is very important as diseases arise due to moisture and dirt.

Call the fencing place Or, if the investment is low, make clay walls otherwise hedge wood or bamboo ... Make room for new and sick goats so other goats aren't effective ... Make breeder goats separate from goats. Where the smell of goats does not reach the goats, otherwise pregnant goats fall pregnant by coming to the hat quickly ... It is very important for the children to arrange in advance so that the incoming babies can be separated from the goats after 3 days.

Key points for Shed construction

1-Construction of goat shed should always be high and in areas where there is a risk of floodwater.
2-The base of the shade should also be 2 or 3 feet above the ground so that the drainage inside well.
3- The roof of the shed is six inches high from the yard and six inches below the back of the shed so that the rainwater does not come into the yard.
4- Shade width is oriented north-south
5- Shade roof (7) to 9 feet high
6- Shade building is airy and bright
7- Shade trees with shade and in the yard
8- Inside the shade, it is sunny in the winter
9- Shaded floors are firm. If the floor is solid, the walls should be at least 2 feet thick.
10- ForvTeddy goat 10 square feet of roof area and double space of the open space.
11- Large breed of goats 12 square feet with roof and double space in open yard.
12- Construction of fodder rings inside the shed
13- The water reservoir width in the shed is one-foot depth nine inches and the length is according to the number of animals.
14- Management of cold and hot weather.

Feeding Management for goats

Goats have larger belly comparatively to other animals and can eat smaller grasses that other cattle cannot. Goats can also eat bitter grasses. Goats can eat dry matter equivalent of 4% of its own body weight. Goats can produce more meat, milk by taking substandard grass than other cattle. Goats do not like to eat wet and filthy things.

Feeding Management for smaller kids Offspring needs to be fed with milk for 2-3 times in a day so that kids can be protected from diseases. After two weeks, progeny can have soft grass and feeds. Kids must be weaned from its mother after 10-12 weeks, and feed more forage and feeds with protein.

Feeding Management for adult goats After 4 months of parturition, Doeling, and Buckling should be kept separate from preventing unnecessary mating behaviors from bucks to doeling. It is necessary that the growth of Boer cross kids should be 50-150 grams per day; if it is not measured, it should be learned that there is a problem in feeding management. As possible as for the whole 24 hours, green forage and fodders should be kept in the place of the stall. Salt and other multi-nutrients minerals cake and clean water adequately need to be fed to goats. Diet of goats and kids based on its weight has been given bellow.

Grazing goats

Grazing land is less available for grazing at certain parts of the year and it is difficult for the owner to grazing. Whether the goats met their needs with grazing. Experience has shown that a third of its diet is in the rumen in the evening as the goat eats during grazing to know that the number of goats that the goat has during grazing in the day before sending it to the grazing, mark a few goats, such as goat weights 25 kg and in the evening 26 kg, then he ate three kilograms of food during grazing. In the evening, additional green fodder should be provided in the enclosures in the evening

A necessary feed of goats based on its weight

Weight of goat
Milk intake
(ml per day)
Concentrate feed
(gm. per day)
Green fodder
(kg per day)
22 400
33 500
4 600
5 600 50 as much as the
6 700 100
7 700 150
8 600 200
9 500 250
10 300 350
15 200 350
20 350 about 2kg)
30 350 about 4kg
more than 30 400 about 5kg

Breeding Management

The estrous cycle for a doe is 21 days; in 21 days doe gets in heat, and searches buck for mating. After mating, doe gets pregnant for 5 months or 150 ±5 days. Breeding of doe is not fixed on season/time. The crossbreed of Boer and Khari gives birth to a single kid in its first parturition, and second time onward, it can give birth to two kids. Well-fed, well-nourished does have an estrous cycle in the winter and summer too. Availability of adequate forage and fodder; and in environment moderate with temperate, in between the month of Bhadra (July/August) to Kartik (October/November) more cases of does are found in heat. In high hill and Mountainous belts, always does do get heat in hot months.

Heat signs in female goat
Wagging her tail
Less willing to take feeding, forage, and fodder
Suddenly reduced milk production
Continuous bleating
Mucus has seen in the vagina
Reddish and swollen valve
Mounting to buck and goat whatever comes in front

Health and Nutrition Management

Health management is an important and integral part of goat farming. Through goat management, it is necessary to improve the productivity of goats, such as general health management, parasite control, vaccine management, environment management, and proper record keeping. Health management at the farm-level includes proper caretaking of the health of pregnant doe, newborn kids, youth and adults. Similarly, health management help to reduce the mortality rate of newborn kids, and it provides knowledge, skill, and practice of control of infectious diseases. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the statement best fits for livestock too. In healthy livestock, better immunity and recovery is quicker. But, if livestock fall sick, the farmer must buy medicines, and it increases the cost also. Treatment of disease must be faster; otherwise, it will be very difficult to treat.

How recognizing goats
Ailing goats show different symptoms as per the nature of diseases. But, normally sick goat shows as followings:
Droopy, poor or no appetite
Stays aloof from the herd
Loss of smartness and hair get risen, standing hunch
Coarse and dull skin
The low physical growth rate
Red-eye, runny and watery eyes
Loose feces, mixed with blood or mucus
Dark yellow pee and sometimes blockage of urine,
Floating saliva from mouth etc. Pulse speed (it can be felt by touching the interior side of the rear thigh), breathing, variant temperature than usual and stinking breathing

How to keep the goats healthy
Feed adequately and quality feeds along with clean water
Know major diseases and vaccinated against those diseases
Control of internal and external parasites
Keep ailing goat/s separately and do not mix with healthy goat/s
Thoroughly screen at the time of bringing new livestock/goat
Construct good shed to protect from unsuitable climate

common diseases of goats

Bloat in goat

Diarrhea (Loose feces)


Hoof rot

Parasite control

Parasites live on nutrition from the goat. Internal parasites live inside the goat’s body. External parasites live outside the goat’s body. The parasites attack on healthy goats. But, if the parasites attack a big scale, the goats fall sick and sometimes may die of it.

Internal parasites

Stomach worms



External Parasites






to control internal and external parasite deworming goats timely.

vaccination for infectious disease

Proper immunization will help in having good health of goats. Vaccines will help to promote immunizations in livestock, therefore timely vaccination is required for PPR and Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

Vaccination schedule for goat

SN Name of disease Time for vaccine Interval for vaccine
1 PPR After 3 months old Once in every 3 years
2 Foot and Mouth
Disease (FMD)
After 4 months old Once in every year

Castration of male kid

The burdizzo castration for male kids has to be done before 3 months old. Castration and weaning of kids should not be done at the same time.

Selling your goat in Market mandi

after fatting your goat now time to sell, you can sell your goat to a local butcher or you can sale in your nearest cattle market or mandi.

Some of the key points of successful goat farming:

1- Here are some of my key points of view for successful goat farming
2- Keep a complete animal record
3- Take the goats twice a year
4- Take good care of each and every baby from the goats
5- Get vaccinated against all diseases
6- Give all animals internal and external deworming medicines
7- Clean all sheds daily
8- All shades are required to lime every month, especially in winter
9- Good health is essential for good production of goats and good food for good health
10- Take care of all animal salts and minerals
11- Protect pregnant animals from constipation
12- Protect Your Pregnant Animals
13- Protect pregnant goats from seasonal changes
14- Protect young baby goat from climatic changes
15- Pregnant goats should use Wanda in the last days
16- Goats (145/150) give birth during the day
17- Sell ​​male goat to market and keep babies.
18- Protect pregnant goats from inflammation
19- Do breeding from March 15 to April 15 and September 15 to October 15
20- Goats do not mate in July and August
21- One month before they mate, goat the goats
22- A Breeder Male Goat is enough for 30 goats
23- You also need to have breeder male
24- Leave the Breeder Male in the herd during the breeding season

Important note:
Work in the shed with the employees themselves