How foolish a working woman is too

He got up at dawn and prayed. Tea water was poured on the stove in the kitchen. Then woke the children up so they could get ready for school. I made tea in the kitchen and brought it to my mother-in-law. Then the kids started making breakfast for their children. Made lunch for kids

That's when the children's van arrived. The children left for school. Roll the dishes off the table. In the meantime, when the husband got ready for the office, he gave her everything and she quickly came into the kitchen and made her husband's breakfast. It was just an egg and egg that the little nand came to the kitchen to take breakfast saying that I was getting late from college. She quickly made breakfast for her husband and daughter-in-law. And put it on the table.
At nine o'clock, the husband went to the office. So come and fold the dishes from the table. Mother-in-law made breakfast for her father-in-law. Until the mother-in-law had breakfast. He smashed the kitchen and washed the dishes. The mother-in-law's breakfast dishes were wrapped that cleansing aunt had arrived. Cleaned up with it. It was eleven o'clock when he departed Aunt.
The bell rang and her married nand arrived with her two young children. Quickly serve tea and some breakfast with guests for the treat. It was twelve o'clock. As soon as I went to cook in the kitchen, the sound of the sauce came in. She put her food on the stove - and soon she started making bread because it was ringing and her children were coming.
When the children came to school, they quickly washed their hands and changed their clothes and fed them.
Then the younger Nand also came from college and Dewar returned. The food was ready for everyone and soon the bread was ready. It was three o'clock when everyone got up and he immediately felt hungry. There was not a single loaf of bread she saw in the hotpot on the table. She picked up the tableware and went to the kitchen, and her husband entered the house
Her husband, seeing her, said he was hungry She quickly began to make bread for her husband
It was four o'clock when she made dinner for her husband Her husband said, "Come and eat dinner too. She looked at her husband with surprise. She thought that she had not eaten anything since morning." She sat down to eat dinner with her husband He put a loaf of bread in his mouth and a tear came out of his eye Her husband asked why you were coming
He wondered what to say to them, how did they know that after much hard work in the in-laws, they got a loaf of bread that people call free bread. She replied to her husband that nothing
Her husband said how foolish the woman is for crying without any reason.