beetal goat vs teddy goat which breed best for Farming

Nowadays, the trend of beetal goat and teddy goat farming has increased significantly due to social media. There are many reasons to strat and close a goat farming


beetal goat in azad kashmir

which I will mention in my writing. These things are the essence of the experience of me and all of your teachers. Now he has started Goat Farming for four years, and the experiences have confirmed the words of the great teachers. First of all, goat-farming is not an essential subject.

It is great science. It involves the science of human and animal emotions. And most importantly, your passion and dedication. Is. And it is not so difficult as Poultry farming. If I am from the area, which goat should I be fond of? Every goat can be breed everywhere.

If Australian fries can be breed in my hot Multan, then goat can also be raised. But the problem comes with growth. Rajan does the whole goat that grows in his native area, the one who grows it in the other area. There are some breeds that give good growth in the area.

But in other places, their growth is affected. Therefore, prefer the goat of your area. And by making good breeders, keep a good breeder and get a third or fourth generation. Which will be your local bread and will adjust to your local climate. Now come back to your original point.
You have read above the disadvantages of the barbarian race.

Now let's talk about teddy goat breed Benefits

 1. First of all, breeding a high-breed (like beetal goat) animal is foolish in the area where people's purchasing power is low. Only rich people can buy it. This is not possible for poor people. That they could sacrifice expensive animals.Teddy goat's baby comes in the range of 15 to 30 thousand to buy the strength of each class. So his cell is fast.
2. The teddy goat does not bark a single stream. The kind of food that is given to the patient eats with patience.
3. The amount of pure meat in Teddy breed animals is high.
4.  The growth rate is very high in the Teddy breed. Understand that rabbits are breeding.
5. One of the great things about the Teddy breed is that the baby gives too much. She rarely gives a baby to a goat. Otherwise, three to four babies are given in one lactation period. Six children - and if a child has a weak rate of fourteen per thousand, then a goat is paying ninety thousand rupees annually.
6.  Teddy goat has a stronger immune system than the rest.
7.  Management costs are also the lowest on the Teddy race.
8.  Teddy breeds have lower bones and higher meat intake.
9.  the market for the teddy bear is found everywhere.
10.  If an animal of the Teddy race becomes a God-fearing Expire, then there is no level of damage that an ethnic animal has.
11. No special fodder or wind has to be paid for the Teddy race.
12.  and finally the country whose walls are filled with advertisements of masculine weakness. General Chat Chat Lounge So jumping off the game of teddy goats will not let your sleeping emotions die. And if you have the heart to eat teddy goat's meat, then the wise boats will be forgotten.