Cholistani cow Breed

Cholistani is a Zebu breed of Pakistan primarily used in dairy production. Cholistani originated from the Cholistan Desert area particularly from Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, and Bahawalnagar.


Cholistani cow

Cholistani cow Breed Characteristics

Cholistani Cattle are considered to be ancestors of Sahiwal breed,
Medium size with a body weight of cows (300-350 Kg) and of bulls (450-500 Kg) having a white body with brown spots or brown body color with white spots or tan, black splashed coat.
The body is wedge-shaped with fine thick, loose skin, medium-short
head, medium-sized ears, black muzzle, small and thick horns broad at the base, tapering blunt at the top.Females are often dehorned. Black eye lids with a voluminous dewlap and sheath, massive hump in male but slight in the female are its
distinctive features. Hooves are black and well set, the tail is long with black tuft, the balanced udder and teats are of uniform length and size. The cows raised as dairy animals but their male calves are a source of good quality beef

cholistan Desert

The festival which was made by the livestock station in juggait peer Bahawalpur, which was made to promote of the cholistani cow. The prize was given to those who won the competition.

Cholistani male bull

Figure 3 Cholistani male