cattleman brothers cold season has come

Farmers should take special precautions in caring for their animals during the cold season so that the milk production of the animals is not affected by the changing weather.


If the livelihood and diet of the animals are not properly managed during the winter season, then such weather will adversely affect the health of the animal and its ability to produce milk. Give animals a balanced diet during the cold season. In which nutrients like energy, protein, minerals, water, vitamins, and fats are present. He said that these days, animals need special care, in such a situation the time of feeding and feeding of animals should be kept the same.

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Apart from this, vaccines should be provided in special vaccination campaigns run by the Animal Husbandry Department to protect animals from diseases in the cold. So that animals can remain healthy in the winter. There is a significant difference in the temperature inside and outside in the winter season. The normal body temperature of the animal, especially the cow and buffalo, is 101.5 ° F and 98.3-103 ° F (winter-summer) respectively, and in contrast, the temperature outside the animal house sometimes goes up to zero. Freezes.

Therefore, to protect the animal from this chunk, special attention should be paid to the thickness of the laying of the animal, sack and sack curtains on windows, etc. So that there is no direct outbreak of cold wave on the animals. Apart from this, tie the animals outside when it is sunny and after the day is hot, take a bath and massage the mustard oil, so that the animals can be protected from dryness.

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Be cautious in eating and eating cottage cheese in large quantities. Cottonseed increases the amount of lubrication inside the milk. Millet should not be added more than 20 percent in any balanced diet / Pearl millet.

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During the cold wave, keep the bull of the sand salt on the animal's hoof so that the animal keeps licking it as per the need. Also, feeding of green fodder to the animals in the winter also leads to chaos and indigestion, in this case, feed them by mixing dry fodder with green fodder. Drink lukewarm and fresh and clean water in plenty, because milk is made from water and water plays an important role in all physical processes.