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Gondal Brothers provide comprehensive services related to Imports, Indenting, Marketing and Sales of high quality Poultry, Livestock, Equine & Aquaculture Feed Raw Material / Additives, Livestock Farm Equipment & Auxiliaries, Poultry Control House Equipment, Healthcare Solutions fo


In addition to all, we m/s Gondal Brothers provide comprehensive services as Customs Clearance Forwarding Agents for Poultry, Cement, Socks, Iron Steel, Ceramics, Hospitals, and Textile Industries, etc. Invaluable consultancy services are available regarding Customs Tariff applicability, Laws, Procedures and Sales Tax, etc. We do provide proper guidance in the preparation of Import documents so as to avoid delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods. we ensure the careful preparation of appropriate documentation and the correct importing and exporting procedures are followed to minimize clearance delays.

Gondal Realty Partners is a leading real estate organization in Pakistan with a team of educated, dedicated and talented individuals who have been providing quality real estate services of sale, purchase, and rent in all categories of residential and commercial plots, houses, apartments, offices, shops, farm houses, agricultural and industrial lands. We have grown into the network is known for its honesty, fairness in dealings, technology application, strength and innovative approach to all client needs pertaining to real estate transactions.

In a very short span of time, we have made inroads in the local market and have developed sound credibility and trust with our customers. Gondal Brothers are working to serve the focused industries to the best of their satisfaction with the goal

Work Together for Mutual Growth Goodwill
Gondal Brothers believe in working closely with its customers in order to establish long-term business relationships which last even after the deals are matured. We share information with our clientele regarding products, technology, and expertise for mutual business interests. Our satisfied clients confirm our belief that we are constantly moving towards that goal.

The company is managed by a well-organized team of professional personals. They have broad visionary ideals, believing in

· Knowledge of competent and reliable sources

· Sound marketing technical background

· Developing a strong buyer-seller relationship

· Loyalty and commitment to service

We feel the privilege to represent below diversified Principals spread around the globe through a country wide strong distribution network for their wide range of products.

Keeping in view our dynamic activities in the respective area of services, we, therefore, feel the privilege to offer our services as Indentor in lieu of our expertise outstanding skills. We assure you competitive prices, committed quality assurance and in time delivery of consignments. We would like you to please enlist our organization on your panel, enabling us to serve you while fulfilling all the pre-requisites in this regard.

Gondal brothers


Vitamin A 1000
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Niacin B3
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid (B9)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E 50
Biotin (Vitamin H2)
Vitamin K3
Choline Choline 60% Corn Cob

Minerals Copper Sulphate
Ferrous Sulphate
Zinc Sulphate
Manganese Sulphate

Amino Acids L-Lysine HCl
Lysine Sulphate
L-Tryptophan (98.5%, 10%)
Betaine HCL / Anhydrous

Pecozyme TPT Phytase 10,000U/g

Coccidiostates (Premixes)
Diclazoril (Pure, 0.5%)
Clopidol (Pure, 0.5%)
Salinomycin Sodium (12%)
Maduramycin Ammonium
Nicarbazine (Pure, 25%)
Corn / Maize
Rice Tips
Rice Polish

Vegetable Meals
Canola Meal
Sunflower Meal
Rape Seed Meal
Soybean Meal
Fish Meal
Guar Meal
Feather Meal
Cotton Seed Meal
Cotton Seed Cake

Sugar Can Molasses
Palk Kernel Cake

In our daily works, we also pay much attention to building an enterprise culture. Working in a harmonious working atmosphere, everyone is full of enthusiasm, vigor solidarity. Our specialized team has consisted of well-educated personnel with years of experience, which also ensures our rapid development in the long-term.

We aim at supporting you always one step in advance in your market, serving as your reliable sourcing partner.

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