Must Read Before Start Dairy Farming in Pakistan

Dairy farming means the milk producing farm where the cattle are keep for milk production, We have a complete misconception that the dairy farm can be started with one or two animals.


Introduction of Dairy Farming Sector

Pakistan is an important place in the world in terms of dairy farming, while there are also huge investment opportunities in dairy farming. Nature has blessed our country with a superior breed of cattle, taking advantage of which we can bring about a green revolution. At present, the number of livestock in the country is around five million, from which about 1 billion liters of milk is procured annually.

According to government data, the number of buffaloes in this livestock increased from 20 million to 25 million, the number of goats increased from 500 million to 6 million and 6 million, and the number of sheep compared to 25 million. Twenty-five million are recorded, while the share of GDP in the sector is 5%. According to common observations, the majority of our lactating animals (cows, buffaloes) produce an average of 3 to 4 liters of milk per animal per day, which is extremely low and unprofitable.

According to experts, in the present situation, our livestock breeders do not benefit from their livestock according to their ability due to lack of resources and ignorance of modern breeds. Over time, the consumption of milk is increasing rapidly, not only in our country but worldwide, due to which the existing arrangements and resources for the dairy industry in Pakistan are insufficient to be tested. We lack the necessary facilities to keep the marriage in use for long, while the delivery of milk from the villages to the cities is also difficult due to the lack of proper facilities. Experts say that the country does not pay full attention to the prevention of livestock diseases, while the number of animal clinics is not equal. This is why every year a large number of cattle suffer from infectious diseases. Cattle breeding farms are well established in western countries for breeding high-quality livestock

But in Pakistan, such measures do not pay any special attention to the government. Experts also say that milk production can be increased by promoting dairy farming in the country, and as a result of proper investment in this sector, about 5% of the revenue can be earned annually. The majority of livestock breeders in Pakistan are unaware of the use of medicines due to their illiteracy, while milk production is also very low due to the old and outdated methods of dairy farming.

In most dairy farms we try to get more milk production by injecting livestock which is not only harmful to the health of the cattle but also reduces the nutrition of the milk. Cattle are frequently raised in the countryside of Pakistan, and if special attention is given to the care of this livestock, Pakistan can easily defeat Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands in milk and halal meat exports. At present, milk production in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States is on average 3 to 4 liters per day, while in Pakistan, the average production is 2 to 3 liters, although if dairy farms give milk, green fodder, veneer, and buffer quantity instead of straw. If I provide water, they can increase milk production in cattle by ten to 20 times.

According to a recent report, the State Bank of Pakistan has allowed banks and other financial institutions to provide financing for the dairy sector under the Long Term Finance Scheme (LFTT) for Plant and Machinery, after which there is hope. It is said that investment trends in the key sectors like dairy farming in Pakistan will see a significant increase.

Dairy Farming role in the development of Pakistan

Food is fundamental in terms of improving the health and well-being of animals and in terms of excellent performance. Animals become physically weak and weak due to the lack of a balanced and balanced diet and have strong immunity against diseases. Which in turn reduces their milk and meat production. Due to the day-to-day increase in the population of our country, the resources of the country are gradually decreasing and unemployment is increasing day by day. Our farmer brothers who are the backbone of the domestic economy, if they start raising livestock as a business at the 8th level, they can not only be economically self-sufficient but also can get rid of rising unemployment in the country. Are. Because we believe that the development of the country depends on the prosperity of the farmer.

Starting Dairy Farming in Pakistan

Start with few animals. There may be work, but you can't call it a business format or dairy farming in Pakistan. Often, after listening or distributing a profit multiplier from a YouTube video, I look back and I repeatedly say something about the topic being debated. Do not go to the net calculation. Understand the task by yourself and sit down with a farmer to get a better idea of ​​the work and then start the work. Where we make mistakes We take videos from the net and from people sitting on the net, most of them are accustomed to this thing, they are not even aware of the task and they are heard like others are neutral. The information goes forward and the questioner thinks that he is a very large farmer.

Another mistake people say is that if the fodder is for the house, then keep one or two animals if it is good farming, it will be farming but there will be no permanent dairy farming. Another mistake is if you have low investment, then do one thing. You get a rental mansion and start working with the money you have to invest in the farm. Start a Business.

If you have no investment issue then build a well-ventilated and open shed and buy good breed crosses (Sahiwal + Friesian or Sahiwal + Jersey) cows and good breed buffaloes. Hurry up will lead you to loss. Now we come to know how much capital this business can start with. Dairy farm means milk business, then it is good for the household, so it is good to have expenses but not all expenses. There will also be expenses for other things like the window which now sacks over sixteen hundred forty kilos, plus livestock medicine, salaries for employees, farm electricity bills and other additional expenses. Etc. Keeping all these things in mind is very important for a farmer.

Modern methods of dairy farming

In the past few years, the dairy industry in Pakistan has made significant progress. But it still needs to be improved. Because in the traditional way, raising animals is not so beneficial. If the dairy farm is run commercially, it can be a great business. The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is, therefore, conducting this training program to facilitate its growth. Considering the methods introduced in European countries, we find that the role of dairy farming in modern scientific practices is very important in the main reasons for their apparent growth in average production per animal. Running a dairy farm in modern ways means full use of machinery as well as good food, improved care, farm calculation, and ailments.

Feeding Cattle

Modern dairy farming focuses on animal feed. But special care is taken to balance the costs of animal feed and animal production. For this, the diet of both productive and non-productive animals is different. But it is also taken care of that their nutritional needs can be met as well. The Marvel firm has begun producing its feeds in a highly-ideological environment according to the latest for-hire mole by its capable and senior doctors.

In animal feed preparation it is very important to know what components of the animal's body are in order to give all the ingredients in their diet in the proper quantity which is needed to increase their physiological needs and productivity.

The ingredients are very important to the animal.

1. vitamin
2. Sealable Ingredients
3. Water
4. Minerals
5. Phosphorus
6. Calcium
7. Carbohydrates
8. protein