Characteristics of Vaginal Prolapse in indian Murrah Buffaloes

The problem of showing flowers or coming out of the uterus is often seen in such milch animals such as cows and buffaloes, whose management is not corrected by the food habits. Animals that have less poultry animal food and mineral mixers, vitamins are available from their needs. These ani

Buffaloes differ from cows in many important breeding facts that make them susceptible to many reproductive diseases and reduce their fertility. One of the diseases causing huge economic loss to the farmers is the problem of showing the pregnant buffalo's flower / back before delivery, in which the gagging animal exerts force and its vagina and back part of the cervix comes out of the body. This problem of flowering is found more in animals that have given more than once to the preterm (first-time baby) animals. It mainly occurs in the last 2-3 months of pregnancy, but this disease has also been seen in 5-6 months pregnant buffaloes. Flowering during pregnancy increases the risk of other diseases such as infection of the uterus after delivery, stoppage of lochia, flowering after delivery, low milk production, etc. Therefore, nutritional and management care of buffaloes during pregnancy is very important so that the animal can be protected from this disease and other reproductive diseases can also be prevented.
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Flower start problem: -

The problem of showing flowers in cows / buffaloes mainly occurs before the child is born. This problem usually begins 15–60 days before delivery. At the beginning of the disease, a small ball-like structure appears on the vagina after the buffalo is seated. When the buffalo stands, it goes inside the vagina.

Gradually its size keeps increasing and soil, straw and garbage start sticking to it. Due to this the buffalo is jealous and starts pushing backwards. Due to which the problem increases and becomes more complicated. Sometimes dogs and crows get attracted towards it and start cutting out the protruding part of the body.

Symptoms of the disease:

The problem of flowering is seen mainly in three ways according to the severity of the disease and the exit of the reproductive organs from the body -

First stage - In this situation, when the animal is sitting or lying, the vaginal mucus comes out of the vagina, but when the animal is standing, it goes inside.
Second stage - When the animal is standing, the reproductive organ that remains out of the body remains outside, in which the vaginal mucosa is the main part.
Third stage - In this, along with the vagina, the cervix also comes out of the body and the animal exerts excessive force.

In this way, the problem of flowering, which is mainly related to the last days of pregnancy, can be from low level to even fatal. The main symptoms associated with it are-

Dung and urination
Hanging of reproductive organs outside the vagina
Exit mass swelling
Urine blockage in pregnant animals is mainly associated with this disease. Therefore, when the excreted organs of the animal are taken inside the body, then the animal urinates in excess.
Animals become lethargic and give up eating.
A rupture of the cervical seal can lead to miscarriage.
If not treated in time, it can also spread in the blood of the animal due to infection in the organs, which can also cause death of the animal.

Flowering or trying out the uterus (prolapse of uterus): -

Sometimes in cows and buffaloes, the uterus comes out within 4-6 hours of delivery, which causes the condition of the uterus to remain out of place after proper delivery. They come out of the vagina and the animal often sits in it. In trying to get out of the uterus and other organs, the animal keeps pushing, causing the pimples to shed at times. Comes and the situation becomes more serious.

Following are the main reasons for flowering or exit of uterus: -

Excess of dry fodder in food- The high amount of dry fodder in animal feed, such as wheat bran, is also a factor responsible for the problem of flowering because it causes more stress when the animal dung which causes the vagina and the back of the cervix The risk of exit increases.
Low calcium: Low levels of calcium in the animal's diet are also associated with the problem of flowering because low levels of calcium are responsible for the loosening of reproductive organs in pregnant animals. When the goblin animal exerts force to dung or urinate, then the vagina and the back part of the cervix comes out of the body.
Excessive accumulation of fat- Due to excessive accumulation of fat / fat in buffalo's womb, there is increased pressure around the vagina, which makes the problem of flowering more.
High levels of estrogen- Buffaloes are more likely to flower after 6.5 months of pregnancy. High levels of estrogen in late pregnancy are considered a reason for the buffalo to flower. This increased level of estrogen is responsible for loosening of the vulva and vagina, causing vaginal