Southern Punjab was once famous for the production of white gold (cotton)

Rajanpur DG Khan Muzaffargarh Khanwal and the Veadri districts were called "cotton belt". Each five kilometer of cotton jings and oil mills were established, which were owned by locals, where there was cotton procession after that thread and textile mills were fabricated.


Only Muzaffar Ghar has a textile mile with 12 textile mills. DG Khan also had three textile mills, so thousands of jobs related to cotton and textile mills were employed. Sugar mafia, however, shifted to Shakti Mills Sugar Mills, moved to South Punjab. Earlier, only Khan Khan (Bhakar) and Leah were ancient Sugar Mills. Mian Nawaz Sharif inaugurated Indus Sugar Mill in Rajanpur in 1991, then it is now possible that only 5 Sugar Mills are available in Muzaffargarh district.

Sugar mill owners encouraged sugarcane cultivation

Sugar Mills mafia South Punjab.

Farmers started cultivating fold instead of cotton, cotton cultivation decreased, cotton factories were wasted. The cultivation of wheat started but a period of exploitation of farmer also started.
The mills begin to lie downright, which begins to sink at the base, thus reducing moisture reduces due to decrease in moisture, while sugar cannot distinguish sugar cane, it was in the benefit of Sugar Mills so that they started buying a lathe. The most important issue was Sugar Sugar Mills Buying Buying Cards, But Working with Lamps in Payments.
Farmers who become vulnerable and poor, the money spent with the Approach will barely pay their money by giving the Commissioners who do not have any unconnected commissions.
Even though the third work continued, but this time the limit crushed, the November crushing season starts in December but Sugar Mills did not start shopping yet. Even though the government announced to start shopping from November 15, is the reason why the government could not do this? Is the Government Sugar Unfellowshipped in front of Mafia or is it easy to reach?This is a great deal of sign of government
The farmer's farmer, who collects all his wealth in a landmark batch of jewelry houses, is as if the crop is sown, some money will be handled. Now the situation is that the fold is standing in the fields. The purchase period is unlikely to be reached.
Sugar Mills Association said that we already have Chinese Chinese quantity. If the government buys sugar first, then we will start shopping. Most Sugar Mills owners are close relatives of PTI wonder why their government is not auditing or is it a hat drama?

Farmers protest against sugar mills mafia
The farmer's farmer was insulted by Janbhatta to sell some crops.
Farmers will die as soon as possible shopping starts not. The Lord Arbab power, take notice of this situation, solve the problem. Farmers are very uncomfortable, treat them to the sugar mills, and they start shopping.