What is difference between cow and buffalo Milk?

Most of the milk buffalo milk is supplied in Pakistan and it has to be thickened with milk buffalo milk. The ratio of fat in the milk of buffalo is estimated to be five percent, whereas the amount of cow milk is 3%. Medical specialists treat cow's


Milk as much better for human health.Cow milk is used to meet the needs of dairy around the world except a few countries. Due to low proportion of fat in cow milk, this cow's milk protects us from various diseases. Medical experts have described cow milk as much as human health and emphasized that cow milk should be used as much as possible.
Milk as a full diet
Milk is a subtle and unhealthy diet, it contains protein 'fat' carbohydrates' i.e. sprinkled foods and salt ingredients. It should be kept safe from milk and beef, it should not be kept in a smoky place or in the patient's room.
Milk milk: This milk is the body of the body. It is better to drink and drink it. Creates blood. Benefits the flavors if it enthusiastically stirred the rod wood and eat it with egypt and prepare for it. Due to depression, the person with disabilities disadvantages patients. Therefore, those who are vulnerable to the poor should avoid the burden of the buffalo.

difference between cow and buffalo Milk

The milk of milk is not useful for those who work. It creates a hug, so it should be boiled with chickpeas or a little bit of milk in the milk, especially in the mango mood. It is very beneficial if milking directly from animal stems. It is not possible to drink milk at the time of sleeping, instead of sleeping, it is five or six in the morning instead of sleeping time. With this, it is also necessary to avoid using it very much.
Cow milk: It is digestive and is very common. The face of the face removes and opens the face. Gives power to the forehead. Vancouver is useful in Tuvus and Falklandia. Removes the favors and waves. Creates more productivity and is also a dominant heart and the blood is blood. Hot milk is extremely useful in closed injuries. Cheese milk is less but less cheese and cheese ingredients. Proteins that require protein in the process of growth, which contain a chemical substance, are most commonly found in cow's milk and its amount is 7.61% in milk.

The people of the urine have a sharp odor, the amount of uric acid in their body increases. Cow milk, especially the rest of the milk, usually do not allow to be in the urine acid body. It is very useful to use cow milk for half a kilogram of milk for those who work. Enhances inflammation of the nausea because it contains vitamin A and D. The 'Badi' removes the corruption of blood and blood.

cow and buffalo

Cowboy milk is better than buffalo's milk because the amount of cow milk is found in the average,which absorbs in the body and produces fatigue and fatigue. The cow contains a iodine that has not yet been discovered in the milk of the milk. It is beneficial to cure cow's milk to cure hair after washing and rubbing it head for five minutes. Should be consumed with soap. Hairball nails' To keep teeth and eyes in a better condition, one glass should be used daily cow milk.
Bakery Milk: The goat milk indicates the color and face of the face. Drinking 'milk milk' with kittens and lungs is fine. This milk is very useful for hot temperatures. Drinking your milk milk makes the body's skin swollen and beautiful, and especially for women it is a natural gift.

The goat's milk is very useful for removing the sixth and acne. Baking milk for salvage blood is the first to be all-known for milk. This milk contains very good amount of fumes and it especially benefits in asthma. Stops the abdominal maliciousness prevents diarrhea. If there is a throat or vomiting in the throat, it is very useful to stop breastfeeding for a while, besides this, it is the way to correct Tilu 'language and kha varma. Hot hot milk fix urine barrier. It is useful to feed sandwich red and mixed with goat milk if it comes to artery.