Which country is the world's most powerful passport

Do you know which country's most powerful passport? Yes, the country whose citizens have the right to access almost all the major countries of the world, if you have the US, Britain or China, you are absolutely wrong.


The recently published new report, according to the data collected by the Hanley Passport Index , the world's most powerful passport is near Japan's citizens.

In the early months of this month, Japan's citizens got the right to access visa without a visa to Myanmar, for which their citizens can get a visa when they travel in a 190-minute visa or airport.

Which country is the world's most powerful passport japan

This list is the second highest in Singapore, with citizens having access to 189 countries, while the world's third most powerful passport is Germany, with citizens traveling in 188 countries, as well as getting a visa when arriving at the airport.

Uzbekistan had terminated the terms imposed on France visas visa on October 5 last month, after which France is now ranked fourth and South Korea is ranked fifth.

While traveling to 186 countries of the United States and Britain, this facility is available after which they are ranked fifth, where the passport of citizens of both the two countries was considered to be the most powerful in 2015, but in recent times the new boundaries are not introduced Due to this, it is difficult to get this honor again by both the countries.

In September this year, Taiwan's immigrants resigned from Russia's visa ban, but despite this, they are suffering from rankings and are ranked 47th in the list.


During the last decade, most of the development has been done by the United Arab Emirates, which was ranked 62nd in the list, but now it's 21st.

Despite access to St. Lucia and Myanmar, surprisingly China is ranked 71st in the list but has also made 14-degree development since 2017.

On the contrary, countries with citizens who have the same visa facility at the free visa or airport in the least countries include the first number of citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq who have access to only 30 countries, while Somalia and The Syrian passport can only use this facility in only 32 countries.

Pakistan's passport also is one of them, which is available in the world's lowest country and Pakistan is fifth in the list of the weakest passport because it has a visa available on free visa or airport only in 33 countries. happens.

Pakistan is ranked No. 104 in the most powerful passport list and its citizens require a visa to access the 193 locations of the world.


In the strongest passport list, India's 81st number, whose citizens can use this facility in 60 countries, and the 43-point number is listed in the list for 43 visa access.

The Hanley Passport Index, based on the data provided by the International Transit Authority, creates its index, covering 199 passport and 227 locations.