Top 10 Method to Get Free Cccam Server Cline For Your Satellite Receiver

Card sharing, also known as cccam, is a method of allowing multiple clients or digital television receivers to access a subscription television network with only one valid subscription cccam card. This is achieved by electronically sharing a part of the legitimate conditional access smart


One significant problem for internet card sharing is that the activity can be traced, through tracing of the originating IP address - though this doesn't identify an individual it can may to a specific ISP and/or tv service subscription. Cases of criminal charges being brought against card sharing hosts is on the rise.In August 2009, a Liverpool man was prosecuted for re-selling the services of a card sharing network to paying customers. It was the first such case of its type in the UK.Two further raids occurred in the UK during early 2011, instigated by UK Cable Operator Virgin Media