Ber Tree | Zizyphus jujuba

Zizyphus jujuba is a commonly grown shrub, whose leaves are used as a conventional fodder for sheep and goats. In arid zones,


Local name: Beri

it is an important fodder for these two species of animals. Ground leaves used   in combinations with other feeds in dry season in Rajasthan. Entire shrub can be cut, leaves allowed to dry and beaten off with sticks. Dried product called pala (a generic term for dried leaves collected as livestock feed) and yielding at 1.0-1.6 kg dry matter per tree.

Nutritive value

In a comparative study on the palatability of different varieties of tree leaves; it was observed that beri

Ziziphus jujuba


leaves are comparatively more palatable than pipal or pakar leaves. The beri leaves have high crude protein content (18.6%) but the digestibility coefficient is only  36%.