snout-bean | Rhynchosia minima

It grows wild in the western tract of Uttar Pradesh. It is a strong, creeping perennial with small yellow flowers.


Common names least snout-bean, burn-mouth-vine, and jumby-bean

The leaves are shed in winter but again during the spring they come up. It grows vigorously and is a good fodder. It can be sown in mixed pasture, but yield of fodder per hectare will not be very encouraging. It is a productive  fodder.

Nutritive value

Palatability of R. minima appears to vary  widely from place to place. It is probable that it varies with the wide range of different ecotypes that exist. It contains crude protein 15%, crude fibre 45.9%  and

Rhynchosia minima

60% digestibility of dry matter. There are no known toxicities.