Kudzu | Pueraria thunbergiana

Kudzu is a rapidly growing perennial legume when once established it is difficult to remove from land. Normally it is being used by soil conservation department to prevent soil erosion in the hilly regions.


Local name: Kudzu

It has an excellent coverage. Best adapted to a warm, moist climate but, because of the stored plant food in the roots, can withstand protracted drought when once established. Kudzu is a fast- growing plant and produces long, prostrate branches which root at many of the joints if the soil is moist and contact good. New plants  are  established  in this manner. It takes one year to establish. Quite a useful forage, retaining its palatability  throughout the growing season, but new pasture legumes    are


likely to replace it for grazing purposes. Two cuttings can be taken in a year. It contains 20-22% protein. Observations showed that it is not highly palatable  to livestock.