Dolichos lablab | var. lignosis

Dolichos lablab is a vigorously growing annual legume. Its vines attain a length of 3-5 m, the leaves are trifoliate with large ovate leaflets. The flowers are white.


It may be grown under rainfed conditions and requires hot and humid climate for its preliminary growth. It grows in every type of soil even under neglected conditions. There are many varieties of D. lablab. One of these is an Australian strain Rongai which is a prolific  yielder.

Nutritive value

Besides its high yielding capacity D. lablab var. D. lignosis  is more palatable and a productive type   of


fodder likes other legumes. It contains 16% crude protein and 26% crude fibre. It can also be converted into excellent quality hay.


dolichos lablab


Lectins are cell agglutinating sugar specific proteins that are widely distributed in leguminous plants. Seeds of D. lablab contain  lectins.