Sudan grass | Sorghum vulgare

Sudangrass is near relative of Sorghums and Baru grass. It grows 120-240 cm in height and is adapted to the same conditions as the sorghums.


Local name: Sudan grass

Nutritive value

Sorghum-Sudan grass hybrids fit best in summer feeding programs. They are thick stemmed and hard to dry for hay but they can supply ample yields of silage, green chop and pasture when perennial grasses are slowing down or going dormant.  Once  Sorghum-Sudan  grass  begins  to head out, the  quality  and  feeding  value  drop drastically. It is difficult to meet nutrient requirements of high production or early lactating





sudan grass


milking cows when Sorghum-Sudan grass is a large part of the forage intake. It is more suited to rations for dry cows, replacement heifers over 12 months of age, beef cows and calves. It contains about 6-8% crude protein and 50-60% total digestible nutrients.