Who’s the fairest? Animal beauty competition in Okara

Who’s the fairest? Farm animals compete in beauty pageant okara
Redefining the standards of beauty, goats, sheep, baby buffaloes, bulls and cows competed in a pageant in Jugaitpir, Cholistan on Thursday


The benefits of getting animal-based animals in homes are also obtained from them, healthy milk, butter and meat.

Animal beauty competition in okara

A large number of people thronged to the event to witness the “beastly beauties” in real life.

 Some homes are also pets under beauty and interest.

Contests related to the beauty of animals organized by the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development were organized.

 Including cattle paddy farmers and domestic-born animals and eleven elephants.

 Veterinary doctor Saqib Majeed says that the purpose of these competitions is to inform people in connection with animal health, vaccination, racism.

These competitions arrange the Sahiwal race cow, blue ravi buffalo, beauty of goats and goats, goat bars, shrimps, dogs, cats and birds' encounters.


In comparison, three thousand rupees, two to the next and Rs. 2,000 and the third number of animals and bird owners were awarded cash, praise certificate and prize cup to the first coming.

Director General Live Stock Sahiwal Division, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, said on the occasion that the beneficiaries of beneficiaries and benefit from the Punjab government are benefiting the public through many schemes.


These include coconut milk, milk veterinary dispensaries, village level animal selection for breeding, poor and widow women, village veterinary workers' training, free vaccination of cereal disease, for smelling chicken farming Subsidy will be a major milestone for livestock promotion.

According to Mohammad Arshad of 22 GD, such competitions encourage the feeders and they also get good food and information prevention from keeping their animals healthy.


If animals are to drink then they should also take care of their health so that animals can prove profitable for you.

Ose Ali brought with her Pet Cat (Russian Kate) to participate in this competition. Oft says that pets are often encouraged in pets.


We do not get the right guidance about their diet, and even in the form of a disease, it is difficult to get two.

Animal competition is held for the first time in Oklahoma, not only will we win the competition, but we can also get good information about advanced laboratory and vaccinations to keep our cat healthy.

These stalls of various animals remained stubborn, birds and cats stalls for children and people's attention.


People were not only happy to see these healthy animals, but they also got information about their adoption.


On this occasion, the Department of Livestock has provided information to the public regarding laboratory, food and vaccinations in different stalls.