Jaragua grass | Hyparrhenia rufa

Tufted grass with culms up to 60-240 cm tall. Panicles are loose and narrow up to 50 cm long. Jaragua is a fast-growing perennial


Local name: Jaragua grass, Faragua  grass, Yaragua grass, Puntero, Veyale, Senbelet, Yellow spike thatching grass, Thatching grass.

and mostly grown in spring to autumn. Jaragua grass is common on seasonally flooded grassland and  open woodlands. Dry matter yields up to 19    ton


per hactare have been recorded. It is a coarse tropical tall growing grass which requires well drained sandy loam  soils.

Nutritive value

Jaragua grass


Jaragua grass is used for fodder and silage and is highly palatable, mainly used for beef production. When it becomes tall, it is not highly palatable to the livestock. It recovers quickly from grazing and must be cut frequently to control flowering. Also used for pulp for paper. The average content of protein is 7-9% at flowering  stage.