Guinea grass | Panicum maximum

It is a well known perennial grass adapted to tropical regions and is high yielding. The grass is a tall,


Local  name:  Guinea  grass,  Green panic

densely tuffed perennial with numerous shoots arising from short, rhizomes. A full grown plant attains a height of 1.8-2.7 m under favourable conditions. The yield is about 120-150 tonnes of green forage  in 4-5 cuttings. It is maintenance quality roughage containing 8-10% protein under ideal conditions and

is propagated by roots. Guinea grass

Nutritive value

Guinea grass can be grown along water channels where the grass besides giving additional fodder. It normally contains 8-12% crude protein and 31% crude  fibre.



Most of the panicum varieties contain hepatotoxins which may cause secondary photosensitization. In that case, the affected animals may be fed on chlorophyll free diet and kept in darkness for a few days till recovery.