Perennial Ryegrass | Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass is important in forage/livestock systems.


Local  name:  Perennial  ryegrass

High palatability and digestibility  make  this species highly valued for dairy and  sheep  forage systems. As a result, it is the preferred as forage grass in temperate regions of the world. The perennial rye grass is one of the finest grasses which grow well in rich alluvial soil in a cooler climate. It does not seem to grow in the plains under Indian climatic conditions. In the Hilly areas it seems to thrive well.

Nutritive value

Perennial  ryegrass  is  noted  for  high  levels     of


quality, palatability, digestible energy, protein and minerals. Rye grass accumulates high levels of  total

Perennial Ryegrass


usable carbohydrates in spring and fall. Composition, however, depends largely on maturity, stage at harvest and on fertility. It contains 10.4% crude protein and 50-60% total digestible nutrients. Calcium and phosphorus content is 0.57 and 0.27%,  respectively.