Cocksfoot | cat grass | Dactylis glomerata

Cocksfoot Cat grass grows in dense perennial tussocks to 20-140 centimeters tall, with leaves 20-50 cm long and up to 1.5 cm broad, and a distinctive tufted triangular flowerhead 10-15 cm long.


Local name: Cocksfoot

Cat grass which  may be either green or red to purple-tinged (usually  green in shade, redder in full sun), turning pale grey-brown at seed maturity. The spikelet’s are 5–9 mm long, typically containing two to five flowers. It has a characteristic flattened stem base which distinguishes it from many other  grasses.

Nutritive value

Cocksfoot Cat grass is a perennial grass containing 7-9% protein at the flowering stage and is thus a maintenance  ration.