Blue panic grass | Panicum antidotale

Blue panic is a grass which can be grown on any type of soil and under various climatic conditions.


Local  name:  Blue panic, Hindi: Ghamari

The yield of the grass depends on the soil conditions but it is ideally suited to well drain light soils. It is    a maintenance quality fodder, containing 8-10% protein at  the  flowering  stage.  Apart  from  being a maintenance ration, it is an excellent for soil conservation. Under irrigated conditions, 5-6 cuttings are available and the total yield of the fodder is about 40-50 MT per hectare.

Nutritive value

As a pasture grass, blue panic shows remarkable


regrowth after cutting of the crop. It is the earliest pasture to get ready in the spring season and is well

Blue panic grass


relished by the cattle when young. It contains 10.0-12.0% crude protein and 32.0-34.0% crude fibre. Calcium and phosphorus content is 0.39 and 0.09%,   respectively.