Chicory | Cichorium intybus

Chicory is a perennial forage herb characterized by high nutritional quality and the potential to produce good dry matter yields from autumn to late spring.


Local Name: Chicory

Synoname:  Coffeeweed,  blue sailors

Although it is best known for the traditional coffee additive, it has proven to be an excellent source of livestock forage.

Chicory has exhibited tolerance to acidity and for  this reason it has been successfully grown in low pH soils. In addition to this, chicory has good disease resistance and insect tolerance and with appropriate grazing management can provide viable stands for five or more years.

Nutritive value









Chicory produces leafy top growth and has a thick, deep tap-root giving it excellent drought tolerance and mineral extraction. It has a nutritional quality comparable to lucerne as it contains similar proportions of protein, lipid, minerals and other nutrients. It generally contains 22-24% CP and 50-55% TDN on dry matter basis. It is also a good source of Ca (1.70%) and P (0.50%). Chicory does not cause bloat in cattle as it contains condensed tannins (0.04%).