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Teddy Kabootar is a small size beautiful pigeon


Teddy Kabootar (pigeon)

There are different opinions in pigeon breeding circles about the teddy breed. According to some people, the teddy pigeon has been developed by the Mian family of Lilliani. While one section is of the opinion that these are guilty pigeons. This is a very detailed issue. Which I think is important to explain to my readers today. On the contrary, I have always tried to convey the correct information and facts to the people and the pigeon breeders and not to mislead them by distorting the false information and facts.

The Teddy Pigeon belongs to the pigeon breeder Baushide Teddy of the Masur family of Kasur, who made it from the wax pigeon and the pictorial pigeon cross in the color pigeon of the late Ustad Karim Bakhsh. Now, I would like to open the minds of the readers and bring to light the facts behind the scenes so that the ambiguity about teddy bears can be removed with facts and arguments. For this, I think it is necessary to write a few incidents from the history of pigeon rearing in Kasur city.

History of Teddy Kabootar

The 1972 - 73 's when the guilty ones were up late master pots of cream with bayusydy etc. these days. In those days, a jovial dove of Ustad Karim Bakhsh used to fly. This dove was second to none in flight. This is about the days when the parrot of the mason family used to speak in Kasur. During this period, Ustad Karimbakhsh's maneuvers were fixed with them.

And when the maneuvers started flying, the pigeons of the masons used to sit between 1 and 2 o'clock, while this mare's pigeon gave them 2 hours lead and gave them 4 and 5.She used to sit in the middle of the evening and when she was defeated by this pigeon one after the other in the games, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din alias Mistri Din, the master of the Mistri family, said in clear words that this heat is more than our pigeons. I can't fly a pigeon.

This pigeon sits somewhere on which the masons next year when they spread the cream with the condition that this jonsari pigeon will be painted in full color. Because we're pretty sure this pigeon comes from somewhere. On which the late Ustad Karim Bakhsh had said in the presence of many pigeon breeders that your necklace has made you so confused. That you see every man as unfaithful. I accept your condition.

Paint my dove with your hands andThe same pigeon will kill you again this year and the competition in the field made this statement of the late Karim Bakhsh come true. For the first time in the history of Kasur, this dove had to be painted. His jonsari of the same color defeated Mistri Din and his other companions in this evil way. In the field of pigeon breeding in Kasur, the master's family's long-standing superiority was reduced to dust and there was nothing to be seen except the praise and mention of Ustad Karim Bakhsh and the pigeon of his color.

But instead of prostrating before God, the late Ustad Karim Bakhsh uttered some big words which may not be pleasing to God. Because God dislikes big talk so much and the next year God did what happened. Due to practical reasons, she went outside instead of the house during the scattering, from where somehow this pigeon came to the mechanics, who took it to their house and crossed it with a wax pigeon.

One more thing I would like to say for your information here is that this general impression is found in the whole guilt. What I have heard from most of the pigeon breeders in Kasur is that the masons used to give the pigeons of their house to someone very little, that is, they did not even have them. Used to

When Bao Shide paired the wax of this colored pigeon with the pigeon, all the children that came out of it started cutting for the pairs, looking at the pigeon's record. Because these children were very beautiful as soon as they came out. When they were younger, the children of this couple had deep jonsare, kalpare and kalsare, with one or two blacks on their backs, and when they grew up, they became deep kalsare, sewing kaldmas.

Whose eyes were brown. The downside was that the couple's babies had big tails. The Mian family in Mustafaabad Laliani also had a place in pigeon farming. And Kasur's masonry family had been tested several times. Mian Nazir, the elder teacher of this family, has been blessed with the knowledge of pigeon rearing by Allah Almighty. One day from the house of Bao Shide, the couple called the pair of Teddy in the name of Shide Teddy. In fact, it was first called the Teddy Pigeon, later renamed the Teddy.

There was talk of a teddy bear. One day, one of the couple's children came out of Shaida's house. He was caught by a Kasur sparrow, from where Lala Yusuf, a well-known pigeon breeder from Kasur, brought the child home. When he showed this child to Ustad Mian Nazir, Lala Yusuf told him that this child had been killed with a long tail. Otherwise, it is a very high breed in terms of color and body.

To which Mian Nazir said, "I see in this child the virtues of making history." The day will come when, by the command of Allah, pigeon breeders all over Pakistan will go around looking for recommendations to breed this baby. Here I would like to clarify one thing that Master Handan had not brought down any pigeon of this breed in any competition till that time.

Mian Nazir took the child from Lala Yusuf's home and left it around. Growing up, this child became a pigeon which Mian Nazir crossed with a pigeon given to him by Malik Zafar of Kasur. To cross this line, one of them, a male child, was crossed by a dove. So the couple's child also beat their father's result. On this, a student of Mian Nazir said that this generation should be named Barood. While some friends also suggested their own opinions. But Mian Nazir Sahib disagreed with everyone and said that in fact the race is run by the mother. Because if the land is barren, no matter how good the seed is planted in it, the crop is not good.

Similarly, if the pigeon is not a breeder or not complete in its own breed, it will not be a successful mate and the pigeon whose offspring it is. This is Sheida belongs to Teddy. Therefore, this breed should be named Teddy so that even the mechanics know that despite inventing a winning breed from a dove, they did not allow pride and arrogance to come near them and gave it our name. For the first time in Lahore, a pigeon of this breed was released by Mian Nazir to fly on the roof of Mehr Asghar, a well-known teacher of Lahore.


And the heat was so intense that the pigeon of the same teddy breed, showing amazing flights, had defeated all the teachers, including Ustad Few, Mehr Asghar. After that, Mehr Asghar dominated pigeon farming in Lahore for some time. After this, in different periods, various eminent teachers of Lahore, including Ustad Safdar Tantanwala and Ustad Sakhi Bhatti, brought pigeons of the Mian Nazir Teddy breed. Who always defeated their rivals. In fact, teddy bears are primarily from the Baisheida teddy family of the Maestro family, but Bao Shaida's teddy bears were short-lived and long-tailed.

No pigeon fancier can say with certainty about their flights because the master craftsmen did not land their pigeons in any competition, because Mian Nazir made a jute from the cross of Mian Saeed's salars. I am an example and it is Mian NazirTeddy pigeons were introduced in the field competition which has caused a stir in the pigeon breeding circles all over the world today. Therefore, the flights of teddy pigeons that surprised the pigeon-raising circles are the pigeons made by Mian Nazir.

Teddy pigeons are found in 2 — 3 colors including light juniper, dark chrysanthemum and dark chrysalis. Teddy pigeons need to have the following characteristics.

Features of teddy pigeons

In the first year, these pigeons have one or two light-skinned feathers on their feathers and one or two pale black diapers on their black tails. The color of the eye is white. These pigeons turn black most of the next year with deep calcareous stitched tails. That is, they become ninth diapers. The pigeon's beak should be medium and black. The claws are dry and the nails are pointed.

The neck should be long and thin. The breasts are in the middle. The bones of the body should be medium and strong. Be short and short. While the eye is white and bright. The eyelids should not be too thin. The pigeon has four or five black spots on its back. These are the signs of the greatest pigeon in this generation for me