Pearl millet, Bajra | Pennisetum typhoides

Pearl millet is the fourth most important grain crop next to rice, wheat, and sorghum. The crop is cultivated for grain as well as fodder in the semi-arid tropical regions of Africa and Asia including India.


Local names: Hindi: Bajara Telugu: Sajja  Tamil:  Cumbu  Kannada:  Sajje  Marathi:  Bajri

It is quick growing, disease resistant, high tillering fodder crop, suitable for sowing in arid and semi   arid regions. It can be sown early in spring under irrigated conditions and in kharif under rainfed condition. It is not suitable in high rainfall areas. It does well even on light soils. It is sown alone or     in mixture with guar or cowpea. Its cultivation and other particulars are like sorghum.


Nutritive value

A1/3 and new hybrid varieties are good for fodder

Pearl  millet fodder


as well as for grain production. Fresh and mature pearl millet contains 2.3% crude protein and 36% crude fibre.


Giant Bajara, APFB-2, Rajco, HB 3, 4, 5 are grain hybrids suitable for fodder   production.