Guar | Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

guar is an important drought resistant legume most suitable for dry areas. It is generally sown mixed with sorghum and pearl millet. It cannot withstand water logging otherwise,


does well in all kinds of soils. The crop is generally ready for harvesting after 80-90 days of its sowing.

The crop is sown either alone or in a mixture with non-legume like jowar and bajra from the end of March to the middle of July. One ploughing will prepare the land cultivation. Average green yield is about 250-400 quintals per hectare.

Nutritive value

It is better to harvest before flowering or else the stem  gets  hard  and  fibrous  which  cattle  do  not












seem to relish. However, even during the early stages it is not highly palatable. The average protein content is about 10-15% which can be considered as a productive   fodder.