Himalayan Cat Breed Information, Pictures

The Himalayan Persian cat with its long beautiful fur is categorized according to point colors. Although these cats are easy to care for, they require grooming.


The Himalayan cat is one of the most beautiful cats with its blue eyes and long

, silky fur. The book entitled "Longhair Cats", written by Grace Pond and published by Barron's in 1984, describes the physical characteristics of the Himalayan breed of cat. It says this breed is a cross between the Siamese and the Blue Persian. Himalayans have long furs like Persians and the coloring of the Siamese.

Their bodies are light in color with darker areas called points. These areas are the ears, tail, feet, legs, and the masked section of the face. The different colors of the Himalayan are grouped into categories according to the paint colors. These are listed as follows.

The chocolate point Himalayan has an ivory-colored body and chocolate brown colored points. The nose and the pads of the feet are a brownish-pink color, and the eyes are an intense shade of blue.

A chocolate Himalayan has eyes that are a magnificent shade of copper. The fur is a solid shade of brown, and the nose and pads of the feet are brown as well.

A lilac Himalayan has fur that is a warm shade of lilac with pink highlights overall. This cat has pink pads on its feet, a pink nose, and beautiful copper-colored eyes.

The seal point Himalayan is a pale shade of yellowish-brown or cream color. The chest and abdomen fade into a lighter color. The points, pads of the feet, and nose are described as seal brown. The eyes of this cat are an intense shade of blue.

A blue lynx point has intense blue eyes and a red or blue nose. The mask is described as having dark vertical stripes on the forehead along with a pattern shaped like an M. Horizontal stripes run across the cheeks, and there are dark spots with darker outlines dotting the whisker area. This cat has striped legs and a striped tail. The body is a solid shade of white that has a touch of blue. Points on this Himalayan are a silvery-blue with darker blue markings.

The blue point Himalayan has deep blue eyes, and the pads of the feet and the nose are gray. Its body is a shade of white that has a touch of blue which fades to white on the abdomen and breast. The points of this cat are a shade of blue.

A seal lynx point has intensely deep blue eyes and the nose is red or seals in color. The points are a light brownish-tan with dark brown markings. This cat has a body that is light cream or yellowish-brown in color. Its mask has vertical dark stripes on the forehead area, and there is also a pattern shaped like an M. On the cheeks there are horizontal stripes, and the area surrounding the whiskers has dark spots with darker outlines. This cat's legs and tail are circled with rings.

bodyOffer2()A lilac point has eyes that are a deep shade of blue. The body is solid white, and the points are a snowy gray with pink highlights. This cat has a nose and foot pads that are shades of pink and lavender.

The blue-cream point Himalayan has beautiful blue eyes and a nose that is a shade of grayish-blue and/or pink. Its body is a bluish or creamy shade of white that fades to pure white on the abdomen and breast. This cat has points that are blue with sections of cream.

A flame point Himalayan cat has an off-white body, and the points are a beautiful, rich red or orange color. This cat's nose and the pads of its feet can be either a yellowish-red or flesh color. The eyes are an intense shade of blue.

The tortie point has deep blue eyes. Its nose and the pads of its feet can either be sealed brown a flesh-colored, or they can be spotted with yellowish-red pigment. This cat has a body that is either light cream or light yellowish-brown in color. Its points are seal with cream or red-colored patches.

A cream point Himalayan has a light cream colored body, and the points are a pale shade of brownish-yellow. This cat has beautiful deep blue eyes, and its nose and the pads of its feet can be various shades of pink.

According to the book "Legacy of the Cat", written by Gloria Stephans and published by Yama-Kei Publishers Co., Ltd. in 1989, Himalayans have a very gentle, laid-back personality, and they are not usually rambunctious. This well-liked breed of a cat requires regular grooming to prevent hairballs and matting, but otherwise they are easy to care for and make wonderful pets.