Cornish and Devon Rex Cat Breed Information

Rex cats have very short hair and aren't much like the normal cat in appearance, as you'd expect. Learn about this interesting breed.


Rex cats are known for their huge ears.

Their ears are so large, they are often mistaken for the wings of bats. These cats are very small creatures, but their big ears give them a unique appearance.

There are two main types of Rex cats, Cornish and Devon. The Cornish Rex has a very short, dense fur and is curly right up next to its body. The fur resembles the wool of a sheared sheep. The fur of the Devon Rex isn’t nearly as dense and is even shorter than the fur of the Cornish. Its fur is soft and wavy, too. The other major difference between the two types is that the Devon Rex has flatter ears and a shorter nose.

The heads of the Rexes are triangular in shape. They come to a point at their chins. Rexes are striped in their markings. They can be a variety of colors including deep gray and golden brown. The stripes are usually black. They also normally have white fur on their faces, paws, and undersides.

Rexes are believed to have first appeared in England in the mid-1900s. They are named after the English counties in which they were found, Cornwall and Devon. They have since been brought to the United States, but are still rare here. They are mainly found in England, Germany, and Holland.

Rexes make great indoor pets because of their short hair. They don’t shed much. They are very shy cats typically, too, and often come across as very nervous. They are curious cats that often aren’t too interested in being around other pets or humans. They aren’t the most affectionate of cats but are smart creatures. Rex cats don’t meow much. You don’t have to worry about them bothering you. Because they are so shy, they often appear to be a bit standoffish in relationships. It’s not because they don’t trust people, it’s just that they’d prefer to be by themselves.