The Korat Cat Breed Information

The Korat cat is a somewhat rare breed of cat that is known as the "good luck" cat. Learn about this breed.


The Korat is known as the “lucky cat.”

It’s a rare breed that hasn’t been in the United States very long. And yet this cat is one of the most adorable breeds.

The Korat has blue fur with silver tips. This look gives it a shiny finish, making it always appear healthy and alert. This cat is on the small side but has a fairly large head in comparison with its body. Its head is rounded, and it has rounded ears. Its eyes are nearly perfectly circular and are yellow with blue pupils.

Korats are very muscular cats for their size. They can run fast and are known to dart upstairs or around corners at lightning speed. They have medium-lengthed flowing tails.

Korats got their identity of being lucky in Thailand. That’s where they are believed to have originated. They were first brought to the United States in the late 1950s. It’s a rare breed, but a careful breeding program in the United States has helped it gain speed as a good species. Now, the breed is still rare but is gaining in popularity, as more and more people learn about its good demeanor and beautiful appearance.

The Korat also has a great temperament. They’re known as being very quiet and even-tempered. They’re very smart and have good instincts. They also aren’t very loud. They don’t talk a lot, but they do let you know how they’re feeling. They make great companions for singles or senior citizens. They are loyal and like to cuddle up next to you. They like to purr, also, and are great for people looking to give affection to a good pet.

If you’re looking for a unique pet that has a great temperament, this may be the one for you. Korats are known for their shiny, gloss-like fur and they like to be around people. They also make good outdoor pets, if that’s what you’re looking for.