Balinese Cat Breed Information, Pictures

Balinese cats are very similar to Siamese cats, in that they have similar soft, silky hair and muscular bodies. Learn about this great breed.


If there’s a breed that’s similar to the Siamese cats,

this is it. The Balinese cats are known for their long flowing bodies and rich, deep-colored tails. The main difference between the Balinese and the Siamese cat is that the Balinese has long hair compared with the Siamese shorter fur.

Further, Balinese cats are believed to have a Siamese cat origin. But they are certainly a breed of their own, as when they are bred with each other, you get this fine specimen.

Balinese cats are rather exotic looking. They have long, slender bodies and move gracefully. Balinese have fairly large pointy ears considering their heads are somewhat on the small side. They are fairly tall cats and come in a variety of colors. Balinese are marked much like Siamese are. They are usually cream-colored on the base of their fur but have another color such as dark brown, orange, or gray mixed in. This gives them a great look. Their tails are normally solid colored and are long and soft. Their fur is somewhat shiny but is always soft to the touch.

Balinese cats are believed to have gotten their start in the United States in the 1950s. When a litter of Siamese cats was found in the United States, a couple of longer-haired cats appeared. They were originally known simply as longhaired Siamese, but when they were bred together, it was discovered that these cats are actually a breed of their own. U.S. cat experts started a breeding program of the new breed and made the discovery.

These cats are very muscular animals and can climb with great ease. They are very athletic creatures. They have very streamlined looks about them that make them gorgeous creatures. In addition, their legs are quite long, making them among the tallest of cats. Their faces, much like Siamese cats, are somewhat triangular in shape. They have very pointy chins and ears. The Balinese come in varieties that include the Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Lilac Point, and Blue Point. These are many of the same varieties of which the Siamese are found. New Point versions are always being developed for this breed.

In addition, these cats are very lovable. They like to cuddle up next to you. They’re known to like to walk between your legs, purring happily while they get their back scratched against your feet and legs. They like to be around humans. Humans like to be around them, because of their great appearances and temperaments.

Balinese cats like to talk. They’ll communicate with you and with other cats with a meow. But it’s a very soft meow. Not like the meow, you’ll find in Siamese and many other breeds. This is nice because when you’re sleeping, they can meow softly and many times it won’t even disturb you.

These are also very smart cats. They like to play and know how to play. They can learn tricks somewhat easily but require some training. If you want to teach your Balinese how to do tricks, you need to be patient with it. You should do it when it’s eager to learn, which is normally right before feeding time. This is the time when it’s most alert (not that they aren’t typically alert animals, to begin with). But Balinese are able to learn fairly quickly how to do certain things that you want them to do.