Turkish Angora Cat Breed Information

Turkish Angora cats are typically are black and white in color and are quite loving. Learn about this breed.


Turkish Angora cats are some of the most adorable pets around.

People who own Angoras are always struck by the breed’s ability to be amazingly adorable, young, and curious throughout their lives. They have huge eyes that bring out a great feature on their faces. The eyes of Angoras come in several different colors including amber, blue, and one orange, one blue combination. But what makes these cats unique is that if an Angora has one or more blue eyes, that means they’re deaf. If its right eye is blue, that means it is deaf in its right ear. If both eyes are blue, it is completely deaf.

Angoras are average-sized cats that have somewhat small heads. They have perky, pointy ears and a spotted nose. Their tails are usually quite long and flowing and gorgeous. Angoras come in several different colors. They may be single-colored or dual-colored, depending on their heritage. The most popular color of Angoras is bright white. Many Angoras have a black-and-white color combination. Many Angoras are also known as resembling tigers or lions, based on their markings.

The fur of Angoras is known as being very silky and almost silvery. It’s the fur of the Angoras that make them so soft and lovable. The fur is semi-long and very soft to the touch.

Angoras originated from Turkey. The first known Angora cat was in the early 1800s. At one point the Angoras almost died out, as they were mostly bred with Persian cats (one of the most popular breeds), and virtually no Angoras remained pedigree. But some Angoras were found in England in the 1890s. That’s about when they were brought to the United States.

Angoras are naturally very healthy animals, with the exception of having many of them being deaf. A deaf cat really isn’t much of a problem as long as you are aware that it’s deaf. You need to be careful of it when you drop something on the floor. While hearing cats can sense that danger is around by hearing the item fall, a deaf Angora can’t hear an item fall. Deaf Angora owners need to be cautious of this.