Abyssinian Cat Breed Information, Pictures

The Abyssinian cat is a long, slender cat that has a short fine coat. Learn about this cat and why it's gaining in popularity.


The Abyssinian cat is one of the most “stylish” cats of all.

They are rather exotic looking and gorgeous at the same time. Abyssinians are usually golden brown with black-tipped hair mixed in, giving it an amazing appearance that makes you realize that they are not originally from the United States.

Abyssinians have very thick coats and pointy, alert ears. They usually have pink noses with some white markings on their faces and undersides. Their whiskers are bright white or black and they move very gracefully. They are usually rather squared in shape and have fairly long legs and are thin.

Abyssinians were brought to North America from Egypt in the late 1800s. They were once known as sacred cats in the Middle Eastern country. They were originally from the country of Abyssinia, where they go their names.

This breed is one that is more popular than it ever has been. That’s because it has a great appearance. It is found in many different colors, including lilac, blue, cream, dark brown, and silver, and it has an amazing demeanor. Abyssinians have developed a very gentle tone. They are quite loving and soft in nature. They very rarely take an aggressive mood. They are also smart cats. They learn quickly and know what to expect from you. In turn, you know what you can expect from them. These cats aren’t very loud, either. They may meow on occasion, but when they do, they usually are very soft in voice.

There are other breeds of Abyssinians which have been developed in other countries, particularly in Canada. Abyssinians with longer coats than others were bred in Canada, and they now have a special breed of their own, called the Somali. They are growing in popularity in their own rite.

If you’re wanting a cat with more of an exotic look, the Abyssinian is a great choice. These cats are quite stylish and have terrific temperaments.